June 17, 2011

and the competition is on!

It's tomato mania in my family! My cousin Gregg sent me a picture via text of his young son, the child wanted a little blog love from his cousin Jen starring......him and his container tomato plant! Cute huh?

It all started when my husband asked me to take a picture of him in the garden a while back which I posted here on this very blog which started it all (click here). Bill in the garden

Then my cousins Jeanmarie and Hans saw the picture of his tomato's and sent pictures of their tomato's (click here) Hans in his garden It was clear to me that competition was in the air; that my cousins were suffering from a little garden envy. Little did I know that another much smaller cousin would throw some dirt into the mix....

Meet John Smith  (I will not reveal to you if this is an alias or it that is indeed his real name.I have sworn the tomato oath of secrecy !! Cross my tomato's and hope to die eating so many tomato's my belly bursts....

John unlike cousin Bill and Uncle Hans is a container gardener; and a handsome Catholic school boy in his uniform don't you think? If you look carefully you can see his tomato container behind him on the wall and low and behold it is taller than his head! It looks huge to me. I'm amazed someone so young could grow such a great plant. I bet Bill and Hans couldn't do that when they were little!

John Smith and his super duper tomato plant!

Help me out here ( even all you lurkers who read this blog please leave a comment ) John's gonna read this post! Do you think John had a fabulous tomato plant? I think cousin Bill and Uncle Hans better watch their backs; don't you? John appears to be the best gardener in the family hands down.



  2. I thought the same thing when I saw that tomato plant towering over his head! I think it's his Irish parts. Yup its his Irish thumb.

  3. holy tomato...
    All I could do at that age was eat tomato's!
    Johns the best, better than me and Hans.

  4. That plant is huge- I still can't grow a tomato plant like that, even as an adult. He wins!!

    Stopping by from Red Dress Club

  5. What great judges of tomato's Sara and Kid Id are, thanks ladies...you're very kind :)


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