June 1, 2011

my leg trauma drama

If I could  have anticipated that my week at the beach and the fall that I took when we vacationed there read here in my post-  WE DUCKED DOWN TO THE BEACH  would have turned into such a long and drawn out nightmare then I might have stayed home. I've explored the internet and some natural and home remedies but to no avail  the legs wound is still unhealed as I wrote in my post- MY LEGS A PAIN IN THE ASS.  I have gotten the best care possible from my regular doctor; but it's clear it was time to explore new options.

So my doctor sent me off to the Wound Care Center yesterday and met my new doctor. He will be the guy who will tend to my wound for what will be roughly the next 16 weeks. Yup you read it right 16 weeks, my summer is ruined no beach no swimming...sucks right? I have to go see him every week on Monday afternoons for a debridement (he scrapes) the wound with a tool to clean off the tissue so it will heal from the inside out. Apparently the trauma from the fall was so deep that the wound formed down as deep that the muscle is exposed in places, yuck. If it doesn't heal from the course of treatment he's set forth, I'll have to have a skin graft done. Crap! 

Every day I have to put special cream on it, bandage it in a sterile bandage then wrap my leg from below the knee to my ankle in an ace bandage. For the entire day every day for the whole course of the treatment I have to wear that darn ace bandage except while sleeping of course. Four time daily I have to raise my leg for 1/2 hour above my head and lay flat on my back and rest the leg. I'm never gonna get anything done! Then he told me, actually it was more like a warning. If I saw any sign of infection, redness or if the cellulitis returned I was to go straight to the hospital period. That I have taken enough oral antibiotics that I was going on an IV in the hospital no negotiation no questions asked!

With all seriousness I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have medical insurance! I am so grateful that I am covered by a good policy (medical, hospital, drug coverage). I can't imagine what people do without it.I can only imagine that this treatment will be a costly one. Even the twenty percent that I'll end up paying will probably be a good amount. I really liked the doctor I should say and I'm so grateful for this man, the doctor who has taken on my case. He was in fact quite knowledgeable and I'm confident  in his abilities.

Let's pray all goes well.


  1. Oh man!! That is awful. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I hope that you heal well and easily. My sister had a terrible wound a couple of years ago after she'd suffered from a fistula. She had to go to a wound clinic for months until it healed. It was really horrible watching her go through that. I will say some healing prayers for you!! Take good care of yourself!

  2. Thank you so much that's so sweet of you! Hey i'm glad I didn't break it!

    By the way I love the name of your blog, very cute, am a big fan of cool whip!

  3. News not good but perhaps my prayers will help. Will think of you daily. So sorry. Love, Aunt Genevieve


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