June 19, 2011

he brings us joy

It was not all that common for a father to have custody of a child back thirty plus years ago let alone three small children. When I met my husband he was that guy. My husband is a good and decent man, it wasn't long after we met that I knew he was "the one" he had all the qualities of a good husband and father. He'd been married previously, was older and had children so there were obstacles, things that needed to be thought out for a single girl who had never been married.


Then on the day I was to meet his children, he pulled up in his car with the kids; they were three, four and six with big eyes staring at me; wisps of bangs hanging down on all their little foreheads. I remember as clear as day they were all sitting in the back seat of his small car peeking out at me so cute and curious and I can say with all honesty I was a goner!

Gretchen Billy and Heather

I can't help but reflect that back then I was in the unique position of seeing this amazing man, a single father be both mother and father to his children. And  I was getting a real preview of what I was getting if I chose to marry him. As a women I think we all wonder how the men we date will be when they become fathers to our children. He was wonderful to those little ones back then those little ones who became the children of my heart after we married. We added two more children to our family; our sons who were born after our marriage. And he continued to be that wonderful father we married.

Matthew and Eric

Always approachable, involved, loving and kind to all of our children; this I know. And there is no doubt there would be little joy in my life without him.

Bill and Me

Happy Fathers Day Honey


  1. What a great tribute to your husband! I love how you reflected on your luck of seeing him in the role of mother and father. What great perspective.
    I hope you had a fabulous Father's Day!

  2. Thanks Jackie he really is a wonderful man sensitive but yet such a rock, something of a protector. I think I'll keep him!

  3. I love this story.

    God bless this good man and you both!

  4. Thanks Allison our hearts are open to all blessings from God.

  5. Your refelctions brought tears to my eyes!

    Bill's the Man.


  6. I couldn't agree with you more, on a funny note while we're reflecting.

    You know what I heard from Nana LeClair?

    She told me behind every good man is a better woman. She said that because I was Irish and Bill was only Scottish!!

    Then Aunt Frances my very own Godmother; your beloved grandmother told me to put the Irish ornament higher on the Christmas tree then the Scottish one!

    I think this family (God rest them both) had issues- passive aggressive I think!

  7. as the mother of a man who has custody of his children...i LOVE THIS STORY!! thanks for sharing.

  8. They're pretty free-kin awesome guys huh?

  9. Nice! Being a step mom is a hard decision. I'm glad it worked out.

  10. Anastasia, It's been a good life for us.


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