June 21, 2011

breathing in freedom

This week we asked you to write a prompt inspired by this sentence:

The first time I ________-ed after _________-ing.

It was in a different part of town, the east end on the bay side. I had always lived in the west end on the beach side. But it was perfect for me, met all my needs; the downstairs apartment of a private house. A small bedroom, living space, kitchen and bathroom. 

I was both afraid and excited as my parents toured what I had hoped would be my new apartment and give me their blessing. After all I was working making more than enough income to afford my own place, even at nineteen years old. And I think the fact that I worked for my fathers business didn't hurt, he'd see me every day, their house was a few minutes away.

Once I was all moved in I sat on the small couch in the living room in my own apartment for the first time. Breathing in freedom not realizing fully yet all the responsibility that freedom entailed; that would come later. I unpacked my things and set up my place the way I wanted it. It was small and a bit dark but it was mine. Then I set out to the grocery store to do my first grocery shopping. I picked and chose all the things that I wanted and checked out and headed home. 

As I walked down the driveway to the side entrance of the house a smiling face popped out the door of the neighbors house. She yelled to me, " Hi I'm Pat put those groceries away and come over for a beer so you can meet the family." "It looks like we're gonna be neighbors we may as well get to know one another." 

Boy what a relief to be greeted by such a friendly person. 

We became friends and her family were wonderful people. Her husband Artie, her two young children Jimmy and Lisa were adorable kids. Her tenants were undercover police officers that also became my friends; very cool guys. 

It was an amazing place for me to spread my wings and begin to grow up; surrounded by strangers who became like a second family; part protectors to this half girl half woman the first time she moved into her own apartment.


  1. That is so awesome! I want to move into that neighborhood.

    Such a blessing to have a nurturing place to spread those wings and grow.

  2. Breathing in freedom not realizing fully yet all the responsibility that freedom entailed; that would come later.
    Great line!!
    There's something special about your first place!

  3. I can't imagine living on my own at 19! I mean, I lived in a college dorm, but that's not the same at all. But I do remember my first apartment once I was on my own, and there's nothing quite like that feeling of freedom!

  4. Tracie,
    There was nothing bad about being a the beach believe me!

  5. Jackie & Cheryl,

    It was no palace believe me, it was a basement apartment, a little dark... but it was all mine.

    I wasn't given a choice of whether I wanted to go to college. My place was decided for me in Dads business.

    My first true taste of independence; what great memories.

  6. I bet your parents were relieved you had them around. Great post of your first experience on your own.

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed the post Julie. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. There is always something special about the first place of your own. Yours sounds much nicer than mine. If anyone yelled anything in the neighborhood I was in, I tended to put the chain on the door and stay away from the windows. But, by golly, it was MINE! Great post.

  9. Beach communities are usually pretty relaxed. Chains on your doors, YIKES!

  10. It was good to read how you captured the wonderful feeling of independence and taking your first huge steps into adulthood. My daughters are at that stage. It is less exhilarating as the parent of the 19 yr old! You capture the feelings so well that it helps me let go. Now if they can just find a place next to undercover cops!

  11. At this point May,I think you just have to hold on to the thought that you've prepared them. That you've given them all they need and now they need to spread their wings a bit. With momma looking on a bit that is!


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