June 6, 2011

my doctor- my word!

I went to the wound doctor for my second treatment today. I really like this guy; he's pretty funny and he uses 'food words' as examples to get his messages across.

It got me to thinking maybe his father was a butcher or maybe he owned a  food market.  This is why- because he says the funniest things; the little instrument that he uses to clean my wound with is like a mini  'melon baller.' The ointment that I have to put on my wound every day is supposed to 'marinate' my wound. And when I asked him today what parts of the wound looked the healthiest he replied " I want this wound to look like a juicy red piece of meat."  I know I know it's gross right?

I made wonder what his mother did for a living when he ordered NPWT for me today, that stands for (negative pressure wound therapy) better known as 'wound vacuuming'; I don't know maybe she was a housekeeper, ya think?


  1. I love your humor! I don't know if I would want a melon baller near any wound of mine. Sounds really bad but it also sounds like you are on the mend now. :)

  2. If it wasn't so darn disgusting to watch he might make me hungry with all that talk!


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