October 20, 2011

things I've never done

Today I am linking up with Mama Kat for her workshop and her task is to write about those things that I've never done:
I am fifty two and......

I have never:

1. learned to speak a second language fluently

2. skinny dipped at night in the ocean without hearing "The Jaws Movie" music in my head; I hate that dumb music!

3.traveled to Europe

4. given birth vaginally 

5. acted in a play

6. gotten a ticket, speeding or other

7.  been divorced

8. taken a vacation alone, nice thought huh?

9.  done CPR on a person

10.  been able to grow long finger nails

11. been picked for jury duty

12. sailed on a sail boat

13. been arrested

14. climbed a mountain

15. attended college

16. cut my own Christmas tree

17.  been to the movies alone

18. participated in a public civil protest

19.  gone to Canada

20.  gone to the top of the Empire State building

21. flown first class

22. worn contact lenses


  1. Well, you just went and jinxed yourself on the jury duty! Better knock on wood! ;)

  2. I like how your list is a mix of things you are glad never happened and things that might be cool if they happened! You've got me thinking about what my list might look like.

  3. So what you're saying is, you actually have skinny dipped in the ocean?

  4. Great post!!! Loving the solo vacation one, I wonder what that WOULD be like??

  5. I can't believe that you've never gotten a ticket. Are you very much a rule follower or jus tlucky?

  6. It's interesting to view different lists...it makes you remember what you left off your own. I share many of yours, but I have done CPR on a person, many people and infants in fact. Good list.

  7. Minevan Momma, That would be my luck! But then I was born on friday the 13th!

    Melissa, you're right it is a mix, with a few wishes and a few i'd rather not's.

    Mark, Honey when I was younger I could rock a 2 piece or nothing at all ;)

    Supahmama, I think it would be cool, hubby wouldn't understand thought, one can dream!

    Robbie, Lucky and a good safe driver. I did get pulled over once, it was an emergency room run with my son and the cop let me go.

  8. Lisa,
    Yikes that must be scary and rewarding all at the same time!

  9. How in the world did you get to our age without contact lenses?! Amazing! And I might say the very same thing about tickets!

  10. May,
    Now if I could only still be a size 8 I'd be one happy woman!

  11. I have enjoyed reading all the lists today; yours definitely made me smile. What's a vacation? Wait, what's a vacation...alone? I've done a few from your list: 4, 5, 6, 15 & 17. And lemme tell ya, 17 is one of my absolute favorite things to do whenever I can.

  12. So interesting!! You must go to Europe if you ever get the chance! Maybe fly first class there :) Now that sounds nice!

  13. I know Jenna and I really really want to. I have family in Ireland.I'm so bad that I've never visited and met them!


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