October 10, 2011

I'm Miss Moneypenny I admit it!

OK I admit it I did a bit of planting today outside in the afternoon on and off the decks mums and pansies and such straightened out the decks and porches while my husband trimmed back some bushes. And I might have had some other things planned for outside which I totally ditched because......

I then went into the house and the big screen TV was on and CLOO TV was running a James Bond marathon. I don't know about any of you but I LOVE James Bond movies.I was practically raised on them. I doubt there is a Bond movie that I've missed so naturally I parked my butt down on the couch and tuned in. Oh I didn't sit all day, actually I have a great room, my living, dining and kitchen are all one large room so I can still get tons done and watch the TV; but I did watch.

Anyhoo! I don't know to many women or men that don't dream about either being bedded by good ole James there might just be a bit of Miss Moneypenney in us. Maybe your a guy reading this and want to live the life of James or you could want to bed him too after all  it's fun to indulge in harmless fantasy and that's OK too. Wouldn't it be exciting dashing around from one exotic place to another with beautiful people, money, expensive cars, martini's shaken not stirred, intrigue at every turn and seemingly endless supplies of hotel concierges who know you and always have a suite ready and waiting; what a life.

I myself am a Danial Craig (the newest Bond) gal I just melt at those bright blue eyes that wonderful chest, that bit of sarcasm that just doesn't quite hide the hurt boy he tries so hard to hide and of course that ass, which is just...... well have you seen it?


1. Sean Connery

2.Pierce Brosnan

3.Roger Moore

4.Timothy Dalton

5.George Lazenby

6.Danial Craig

And do you have a favorite movie? Pick one or twenty and let us know.

1.Casino Royale
2. Quantum of Solace  3.Tomorrow Never Dies 4. Dr. No 5. From Russia With Love 6. Live And Let Die 7. Thunderball 8. Goldfinger 9. You Only Live Twice 10. ON Her Majestys Secret Service 11. Diamonds Are Forever 12. For Your Eyes Only 13.Moonraker 14. Octopussy 15. The Living Daylights 16. The Man With The Golden Gun 17. The Spy Who Loved Me 18. A View To A Kill 19License To Kill 20. Goldeneye 21. The World Is Not Enough 22. Die Another Day

To tell you the truth I love all the Bond movies, I especially like The Spy Who Loved Me, Casino Royal, From Russia With Love and The Living Daylights.

What about you, what's your favorite Bond flicks?

Which Bond actor is your favorite and why?


  1. While I'm not into the James Bond movies, I can definitely appreciate all of the men who have played him! :) My favorite is Pierce Brosnan! So handsome!

  2. Daniel Craig...yummmmmmmmmm....
    Although I'm also a fan of Sean Connery. Even the bald old Sean Connery.

  3. Oh boy now I'm dating myself but Pierce Brosnan played a better Remington Steele, but you're right Jenna he's a hunk!

    Kimberly yummm, is right! I think I heard something about Sean Connery being unkind to women and that kinda ruined him for me, but that accent is kinda sexy!

  4. Of course My fave "From Russia with Love" with one and only Sean Connery

  5. Daniel Craig all the way. But I wouldn't kick Sean Connery out of bad either. Wink!

  6. I think Daniel Craig is the sexiest Bond.

  7. Ariana, You crack me up! I wouldn't expect any other movie from you...

  8. Totally agree Mark and Shell, it's Daniel Criag, those blue eye's have it uhmm! or is it that wonderful back view! OH heck I'll take the whole package!
    Your friend Miss Money...
    oh I mean Jen *snort*

  9. I should hide somewhere : I havent seen any of these. I'm a shallow romantic comedy girl :P

  10. You should at least watch the two new ones with Daniel Craig, you won't be disappointed, I promise!


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