October 27, 2011

the life I never planned

I never planned this life, I planned another one. BUT I have accepted the life I have as the one I was destined to have. Was it easy? Of course not! 

But in doing so I truly have been left with the gift and that gift is gratitude. Gratitude for every moment however short that God put my children on this earth and I treasure each and every one of those moments with my heart and soul. I am blessed with the best family and forever friends. They fill my life will love and inspire me to be the best person I can be. Some days are better than others, and I am reminded how flawed a person I am on those bad days!
I could easily feel sorry for myself but despite my circumstances I will never feel the victim, it's all about attitude so I try to keep a good one.

I'd like to think that maybe now I'm a nicer person, a bit more patient, rather more generous then before. My heart if open to forgiveness and I love deeper and am more respectful of others than before.  
Just maybe through my experience of loss I've gained a bit of perspective. That I appreciate what I have just a teensy bit more than before because I've lost so very much....
Do you deal with your life with a glass half full or a half empty attitude? 

We all face illness, death of our loved ones, job loss, our kids, loneliness and isolation, marital or relationship and financial stresses. 
I've kept a personal journal, done therapy, relied on my friends and family, blogged, prayed, screamed, walked on the beach, used sleep techniques when i wasn't sleeping and then prayed some more.
How do you do it? How do you deal with your life's challenges?


  1. Today I did not DEAL. Alexander sick. We all are sick. ugh. Anyway - but I really WANT to be glass full. Because it usually is. I just get sort of ... out of sorts ... with all the sickness. I love that you posted this. I needed it. Love ya and your perspective - always. Kristen

  2. Oh you poor thing; there's nothing worse than a house full of sick kiddies all wanting Mommy! And I know with Alexander any little illness mean sooo much more in terms or seriousness. Be gentle with yourself my friend.

  3. Always half full. I won't even pretend to understand what you've been through. However, what ever the obstacle, I try my best to keep on moving on. With four kids, my life is filled with constant noise. I handle it pretty well. That said, when my Mom and Dad take them for a couple of days sometimes, I'm completely lost without them. That's when I know that I need a hobby.
    Take care of yourself.

  4. Not one bit surprised that your a half full person Mark! Your fun, such a good Dad and always reflect such beauty on your blog!

  5. Half empty? Half full? someone once commented that it depends... if I'm still drinking it, it's half full. If I'm done and you're offering to wash it, it's half empty. that cracked me up and I find myself often reflecting on the real meaning behind it. But as for me, my glass is half full-- but with a bubbly effervescent-- you know, making it fizz over the top, looks like it's too full, then settles down a bit and there is room for more. Yes, that's my life.

  6. I love it! Bubbly effervescence in your half full glass. What a great way to explain your attitude about your life's challenges!

  7. Leaning on Christ, even when it seems like He's not there. Because at some point suddenly He comes down and fills you up.

  8. All of the above! I wish I could say I handled every challenge with grace, but sometimes it was ugly. I've grown from it all, though.

    I am stealing that first quote--sums up so much in my life right now!

  9. Steal away as a matter of fact I'm sending it to you in case you want to use it on you blog for a post of your own.

  10. You made my cry lady! I'm glad to know that your glass is half full, mine too - cheers!


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