October 13, 2011

when it rains it pours

When it rains it pours..... And I'm not talking about the weather, although it's been rainy the past few days here at my house. This got me to wondering if bad news runs in spurts or patches. I have to say every time the phone rang these past few days it's been another bit of bad news.

My sister-in-law's father who is in the late stages of MS (he's had it for 40 years) is in the hospital, he has pneumonia.

 My friend and neighbor Becky who was my son's second grade teacher is having a double mastectomy today.

Another woman I know, Debbie has just been diagnosed with MS, she's probably had it for years and had been ignoring her symptoms but finally got diagnosed and is getting the proper medications and therapies.

My husbands best friend Harry had hiatal hernia surgery the other day and his stitches keep on popping!

Then tonight my friend Bertha called, her mother took a fall and although she didn't break anything thank goodness she's undergoing some test to rule out mini strokes and such.

It just seems like an awful lot of sickness and illness touching those around me all at the same time. I can see myself responding to each and every situation in one way or another.   How do you show you care when your friends and family are dealing with illness?  Do you have any special or unique ways in which you respond other than the usual card or flowers?


  1. they say trouble comes in threes. I don't know why. :) I love being able to do 'something' for a sick friend.... take her a mason jar of homemade soup, orange juice and a paperback novel.... oh and chocolate for when she starts to feel like really eating again!

  2. Love love love the book and soup idea! I might have thought of soup but to couple that with the book, makes a good idea great! Thanks so much.

  3. That's always a tough one. My Sister has M.S. and has been in a nursing home for about a decade now. Yes, she's in that bad of shape. We visit her everyday although I'm not sure she notices. I hope she does.
    Just "be there" for your friends and Family.

  4. I'm so sorry Mark how terribly sad for her, you and your parents.

    I don't know maybe I'm an optimist, but I think that when people are gravely ill that they know that their loved ones are present; they feel their love.

    My sister-in-law is dealing with the same situation now and my heart just breaks every time I see her Dad, his MS is really bad and the stress on the family is unbelievable.

  5. I'm quite fond of the usual cards and flowers - just anything that says you're thinking of the person! Or stuffed organs. (http://iheartguts.com/shop/) Those are always popular.

  6. I am always laughing before I open my mail and read your blog post Megan, this would be the reason why!

    Stuffed organs, I love it! Nothing says you care like a kidney right? And I wouldn't expect anything else from you :)

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I have to admit that my blogging friends have been so concerned, nicer and more understanding than some of my actual friends and neighbors! Oh, I did double check and saw that I am following you. Just wanted to make sure. I am like the person who tries to leave home and then can't remember if they unplugged the coffee maker or something. Always worrying for nothing! Take care and check back this weekend. I am going to try and have my third contest up, Wow Baking Products and they are absolutely the best cookies I have ever eaten! Keep your fingers crossed that all will go well. See ya!


  8. Mary, Glad to see you're well enough to be on the computer and typing away. Will check back for updates on your condition and that baking thing!

  9. I hear you! It's been tough around here, too, with bad news.

    I am from the South, so we always like to feed away a problem. Since I don't cook, I will buy a casserole at Whole Foods or a bag of fresh fruits/favorite treats. I like gift cards, too, since medical treatment can be expensive. With my close family, I clean their house, do their grocery shopping, or just send an unexpected card.

  10. I think you're right, feeding is the way to go, who doesn't like a nice hot meal delivered by a loved one!

    I like the gift card idea for closer friends or family, and you're right medical bill's can get out of hand, I'm dealing with that myself now after an unexpected illness.

  11. Oh no! That is so much to deal with all at once.
    Iwhen I was going through rough times, a friend of mine brought over a frozen lasagna. That way I didn't have to worry about dinner. It was that best thing I ever got.
    Now when people are ill I either make them something or buy a frozen something from a gourmet store.

  12. Frozen meals are a neat idea Kimberly! Especially since the person can eat them any time; if they're not up to it on the day you bring it over!

  13. Sorry to hear what you are going through, but you know what they say laughter is best cure. Make your friends laugh and just for a moment they will forget about all the troubles :)

  14. I can imagine that they would love a break from their troubles Ariana.


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