March 22, 2012

my amaryllis is a beauty!

My friend Becky gave me an amaryllis bulb several Christmases ago. It took me a while to learn how to get the thing to bloom but finally I have it blooming every March or April. It is one beautiful plant.

After the bloom dies down I put it out on the back porch for the summer until just before the it gets cool in the fall.

Then it comes in the house and stays in the den and I continue to water it until all the green stuff dies back. When it does I put if in a cool dark place and stop watering it completely, usually this is about Dec. {it may be different in your area}

Usually around late Feb a green sprout will start to form; then it's time to replace the top two inches of soil from the pot and start watering. It is also time to move the bulb back to a lighted location in the house.

Your amaryllis should bloom if you follow these steps!

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