March 22, 2012

Neighborhood Watch-watching doesn't mean killing

Both my kids, son and daughter are doing their in service training, one this week, one next, it's a yearly event. Both in law enforcement, one State, one Federal and like clockwork the have to train, be re-certified in certain aspects of their fields; for their safety and for the safety of the public, make sense doesn't it?

Got me to thinking about this other thing......

Trayvon Martin- victim
It's all over the news, a man belonging to a neighborhood watch in Florida shot and killed a child in a gated community. A gated community with gun toting neighborhood watch personnel, damn! I don't know about any of you but for me watching doesn't mean killing, watching doesn't mean carrying a gun.  Watching means if you see or come upon something suspicious you get on your cell or phone and call the police.Watchers should just darn well watch, guns in the hands of untrained people pretty much always result in tragedy.

I just can't wrap my head around what this guy was thinking! If he thought the child was breaking the law then he should have called the police. What was he doing that was so bad that couldn't wait for the police to respond to the scene?  What a fool to think that he could do a cops job. It's my guess is he's going to be brought up on charges for this child's death.

Police have a function in our society. They wear uniform and have a badge a car that is identifiable.  In most cases respect their authority, they are trained on how to talk to the public in the most tense and violent situations, they have firearms training and renew their training yearly as I said earlier. They have the authority to investigate search and arrest.  They most certainly do not shoot unarmed people especially children, nobody should be allowed to shoot an unarmed person.

Think about this. What would you do? What would your child do if a man without a uniform in possession of a gun confronted either of you  or all of you and pointed a firearm one night...... have you ever had a loaded gun pointed in your face? I'd fight for my life, what about you? And I bet that's exactly what this kid did because that man had no authority over him, no badge no uniform.

My thoughts on this;  I'm thinking this guy is just a bully with a gun, I bet maybe even a cop wanna-be and now a he's  murderer... just sayin!

Now that precious child is dead and his parents are living the nightmare no parent should EVER have to live, you can take that from me as a damn fact, the rest is just my opinion.


  1. This thoroughly disgust me. How about a neighborhood watch with a cell phone to report suspect behavior? Why the hell did he have a gun? I have never had a gun pointed at me, and thank God for that, so I imagine I would have high tailed it out of there if I was a scared teenager. Don't know what I would have done as an adult.

    My heart is broken for this family. Thank you for writing about it!

  2. This is such a sad, sad, sad story. I can't imagine what he was thinking.

  3. This was so senseless. I had to turn away from CNN, it was making me so angry.

  4. I know what you mean, I know too that it could have easily have been any one of my grandchildren but i didn't even want to go there ya know! We've just had to much loss in our family for me to even go there with this one! Just a horrible thing this is! And the parents, my heart is just breaking for them.

  5. Heartbreaking and shameful. You are so right on here, Jen. Terrible...

  6. This event is absolutely vile. It shows me that racisim is still present in our society....that profiling is is sickening.
    This poor child.
    His family...

  7. This could have been my boy.

  8. My heart aches for the Martin family.....I think Zimmerman was a bully with a gun looking for a reason to shoot this Trayvon. GoD bless his family and America


  9. I have had to turn off the stories now as they make me so mad. I hope the family get the investigation and justice they need. The police did not follow investigational necessities at the time, it might be too late now.

  10. I think there are many many people Naomi that share your sentiments!

  11. I hadn't heard about this story: how very sad and terrible. I don't think this could happen in Canada - meaning neighbourhood watch carrying a gun. I think we have to have actual (uniformed) trained security guards. the poor family.
    and my hubby is a cop and believe me - it's more likely that he will be the one shot because HE WILL hesitate on that trigger before just killing someone. whereas the bad guys? they don't care at all - they just pull the trigger.

  12. I'm with the bully with a gun explanation.

    I was once part of a neighborhood watch, sans the gun. Thankfully.


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