March 25, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3/25

It's Sunday again and here are my submissions for this weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I appreciate all the wonderful feed back from my photo's last week while I was away.  This week I'm home and I'll be visiting all the blogs I didn't visit then, thanks again! 

Our inspiration words this week are
Whimsy, Create, Dust, Seed or Sprout, & Swing or Drop. 
Here are my interpretations for this week, enjoy and thanks so much for visiting and looking at my pictures.


This is my cousin's Jeanmarie and Hans' yard in Charlotte ( where I spent the long weekend last week) This is a beautiful pond filled with  koi, a lovely bridge with plants and bushes, statues lights, bird houses, stones, it's magical. They are talented couple who did this all by themselves!


Sometimes I create a yummy second dinner, like this vegetable beef soup with a leftover piece of roast and some fresh veggies; this for instance was this Saturday nights dinner.

The dust builds up on this filter screen pretty regularly and honestly I hate to actually have to show my dust on this blog *cough cough*. I know it's pretty yucky isn't it? 
Seed or Sprout

This is my amaryllis sprout, I took this picture a few weeks ago. It's blooming right now, tall and strong with the most beautiful creamy white blooms {four of them} laced with the lightest blush of pink on each of the blooms. You can see it in full bloom by clicking here.
Swing or Drop

Here's a picture from my file (sorry) of my grandsons left and right relaxing with my son swinging away on the hammock last spring; rough life huh?.

Thanks Ashley!
This is what we'll be doing next week
Sun flare
High Angle
Low Angle


  1. Wonderful set! Especially that beatutiful yard.

  2. My favorite is the boys in the hammock and I love the smirk on your son's face!

  3. Love. Just love.

    I can't believe they have made such an oasis outside their home. Wow. And love the pic of your son and kids. They look so happy and content there. :)

  4. Great photography Jen! Now that I have a more general blog I'll have to start playing along on some of the photo challenges again - when I have time to take some photos that is, LOL. Have a great week! :)

  5. What is it about an air return that always makes them so dirty?? Mine look even worse! (adding it to the to-do list now).

    Hope you have a great week!

  6. THat backyard is definitely whimsicle!!
    And I always overlook those stupid vents. Actually I just looked down and decided that maybe today is a good time to clean those ;)

    1. My cousins yard is something isn't it?
      Hate those vent things, mine is right in my dining room,for all to see the dirty mess!

  7. I love the way that whimsy glows - so pretty.

  8. That last shot is very compelling. A hammock in excellent use.

  9. I'm in awe of the garden! Great picture for swing.


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