March 15, 2012

someone doesn't love me, and i want to stop the stalking

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I'll say this for the umpteenth time. I love reading other blogs - love following - staying connected. Lately I've come to appreciate the convenience of having blog posts delivered to my mail box, it really is a rather convenient way of keeping up with what my friends are doing around the interwebs.

Here's my problem, nothing new here I've had it since I've started blogging.  I'm actually hoping you can help me because I'm at the end of my rope with this. The problem is this.....

I have never been able to successfully subscribe to a WordPress blog- if they have Feedburner it works but otherwise, no dice. I put in my e- mail it say's it's sending me an e-mail confirmation and it never comes, nothing, not even in my spam folder!

Does anyone know if there is any explanation why WordPress doesn't seem to love me? I happen to be a very lovable person ya know! Is there's a fix of some sort something I can do on my end? Or and explanation?

I have a large and ever growing list of WordPress blogs that I stalk regularly that I'd love to subscribe to each and every one. I really want to stop the stalking..... but I can't. I would be grateful and would love you forever if you could help me with this problem.
Suggestions please.


  1. I've never heard about that happening on a grand scale like that! I don't know why it would!

  2. I don't have an answer but on Wednesday I could not make a comment on any WordPress blog. Maybe there is some kind of a glitch over there?

  3. I have a WP blog but it's self hosted. I'm not sure how you'd get the other blogs in email. Weird.
    But like the above commenter, I could not comment on any WP blogs (the .com ones)
    Can't today either.
    So I guess WP hated me too ;)

  4. Send me the link of a Wordpress blog that you are following and I'll see if I can follow them.

  5. i don't have any idea?! good luck figuring everything out!!

  6. I'm behind you in all things blog so I have no clue. Hope you figure it out. Even though Word Press may not love you, we do!

  7. I wish I could help you, especailly since I DO have a wordpress blog. I seem to have trouble lots of times leaving messages on blogger and blogspot blogs! I can't even figure my own out so I have no idea how to figure out someone elses! :-(

    1. It's pretty annoying Peg, I'd love if you'd try putting my e-mail in yourself on your end and see if it works. Liz the first commenter and I tried it the other night and it worked!


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