March 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3/11

It's Scavenger Hunt Sunday today and I have to say this weeks submissions were so much fun! I wish I had a bit more time to spend on them but it was a busy week.

Thank you Ashley for having this link up. I love that you're giving this novice the opportunity to show my pictures, to stretch my imagination and to think of original way of presenting my subjects.

This week the subjects are water, light, chocolate, animal and are my interpretations of the selections.


I know, I know not very original but I had my heart set on a puddle with a bird taking a bath in it or something like that! When that didn't happen I just couldn't come up with anything else so this was all I had.... sorry!


This is the afternoon light reflecting through the front door on to the living room wall.

Yum, one can never have enough chocolate; so why not have a chocolate doughnut and hot chocolate?

This is my winter robe, meow!

Crowded was a bit of a challenge for me since my husband and I live alone and when I think of crowded I automatically think of people. So I had to come up with something else.
 Is there room for another pen or pencil in this holder? Crowded huh?

Next weeks five are

Word or Quote
Nature's Own
Photographer's Choice
Thanks for taking a look at my pictures this week. 


  1. It's always warms my heart when I see the light pouring in through the window ;)

  2. Great set of photos for scavenger hunt!

  3. Extra light starting today. Yippee! That cup of hot chocolate and donut would be really good right about now.

  4. I like your take on crowded :)

  5. I think your take on water is refreshing (no pun intended). Enjoyed your grouping.

  6. I know what you mean! I had my heart set on something for my animal prompt and had to come up with something else when I did not get it.

    I like you're light picture. The colors and shadows are great.

  7. fun ideas and pics! love your robe!!

  8. The light picture is my favorite. Before I read the caption, I thought it was a picture of a window and I was wondering what you did to get the hazy effect on the picture. Then I read that it was just the reflection of the window. So neat when something is different than what you thought. Great job!

  9. Really great job - that chocolate shot looks delicious.

  10. Great set! Nothing to be sorry about with that water shot. I think it's actually my favorite.

  11. Must have been fun setting up for the chocolate shot :-)

  12. My pencil cup looks the same way. It's crammed full! You did such a good job with the prompts. :)

  13. I am all about the shadow from light ;) shadows are fun! and clever crowded... I would not have thought about that... I have TONS of crowded spaces... *sheesh* I was strugglin with that one. ;)


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