March 9, 2012

the scoop - my weekend plans, well glad you asked!

I'm up before the birds this morning. Frankly I usually like to sleep in, but it just wasn't happening this morning. The ole brain was running a mile a minute. Of all the days too! I'm having the girls over for dinner tonight. Small group, just two this time. Many of our group have prior obligations, sick grand-kids, a few are on vacations or spending time with their own visiting adult children, but we're a committed bunch and we  love our little get together's so we do it no matter what.

On the menu tonight for us, Mom and Bill  is arugula salad with olive oil and lemon, a  selection of different home made pizza- meatless since it's Lent { caramelized onion and gorgonzola, cheese } {tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil }{eggplant, artichoke and feta and Greek olives with oregano} with a nice bottle of Narley Head Vin which is a nice red about $10 or so a bottle, very reasonable. For desert I'm making a flan, which is a custard that  I love because it's very light and moderately sweet and goes so well with coffee.

Two days ago was my little brother's birthday, he was 49. Happy birthday baby brother....about that card..... Gerard if you didn't already know is the brother i mention frequently who comes down from NY with his family for holidays and vacations. He is also my son Matthew's godfather, I couldn't have made a better choice! I love you Gerard, can't wait until next year so I can pick on you properly for being old. Uh! who could believe it Matthew that little baby, my son is going to be 30 this summer, hard to believe!

Gerard & Matthew Aug 1982...cuteness right?
I going to a baby shower on Saturday afternoon. My friend Bertha is going to be a grandmother, her daughter-in-law is expecting a little girl in about nine weeks. This is her first shower thrown by several of the mothers that were an important part of Bertha's son's life growing up. And Lauren the new mom, well it's her first's a very exciting time! I know I had a good time shopping for all those cute necessities, crib sheets, baby blankets and soothers; good times for me too.

Having the girls over pushed me to get the house back in order, it's been quite a mess! The painting of our great room has been done for days but I was being very lazy at putting everything back together and put away. Pictures of the before and after will follow in another post some time soon.....

Other than that things are all good here! How about you, any plans this weekend?


  1. good for you!! your menu tonight sounds perfect!! have fun with your friends and at the shower!! Isn't is a good excuse to get your house clean?!
    Happy weekend.

  2. First of all, the picture of Gerard and Matthew is beyond gorgeous and quite the pic of the times by way of the look...awesome! Nothing like having people over to whip the pace into shape. I am totally the same way and after painting, it can be a pain to get everything back together.

    I want to co e over for that menu!

    1. We're all going on vacation together for Matthew's 30th this summer to the cape. I'm thinking of doing a photo remake of this picture. Maybe the two of them with a Heineken, what do you think?

  3. What an awesome picture.
    Happy Birthday to your brother.
    And baby showers...those are the best kind...minus the games. Have fun this weekend

  4. --yes, the food sounds DElish!

    .....So is your brother. Haa Haaa.

    Xx Kiss from MN.

    1. Dinner with the girls was super fun!
      Ate to much, didn't drink enough because I had the shower the day after, oh well!
      And you're right about my brother.


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