December 19, 2013

fa la la la la I am alive

Is it Christmas time already??
I was looking at this space today and realized that I hadn't posted since Thanksgiving!

Mr turkey lives in my woods, he survived Thanksgiving.
Sorry for the disappearing act my friends. Sometimes time just gets away from me; especially around the holiday season. I hope you know that regardless of my absence from this blog-and yours you all are never far from my thoughts.

Wondering what I've been doing? Yes-No...well I'm gonna give you the highlights.

I've gotten into the routine of getting up in the morning and making breakfast for the little one before school, everyone else is either, not home at school or work...I do have my limits about what time I get up!!. He's in fourth grade and loves french toast. (yes our family from Cyprus is still here)

We decorated the house for Christmas. Can you believe it took me and Bill three days to do the inside and outside of the house. Bins and bins of stuff, all with memories attached each and every piece. My step-daughter watched with wonder as we unpacked it all. Nutty? Probably but after the kids died those things even the small memories became important. I'm pretty pleased with myself (brag alert) that I even made real wreaths for my door and Mom's this year from our blue spruce trees, boxwood and pine cones.

I had my yearly dinner party for my girlfriends last week. I cooked , they came and then we drank wine and enjoyed each others company for a very nice evening. Since it was female only Bill took the grandsons out for dinner and a bit of shopping at Toys R Us.

We shopped for Christmas gifts a few days ago. We approach our shopping like a hungry dog approaches a bowl of food. Bill and I headed out just before lunch and hit the mall(s) and didn't get home until well after dinner time with a trunk full. I have a new appreciation for gift cards, that's what my Mom does in most cases. Anyway, tomorrow after a doctors appointment we'll finish a few odds and ends.

My husbands had fabulous insurance which is a benefit of his retirement and we thought it would be safe from any negative health care changes we've heard about in the news.  I received a notice that my blood pressure medication will no longer be covered as of January 1st. so I'm off to the doctor to explore my options.

I've been on my cpap for my newly diagnosed sleep apnea/hypopnea for a bit less than two weeks. I've read a lot of message boards about how hard it is to sleep with the masks and the machine buzzing and so forth. I'm hear to tell you it's all nonsense. From night one I've slept like I haven't slept in a long time.

We're having Christmas at our house this year. It will be fun with the kids here which as you know means Santa will be coming :) Then Bill, Mom and I are heading up to NY for my cousin Katie's wedding on the 28th out on Long Island. Then if that isn't enough traveling, the second week of January I'm off to do my guardian thing and visit my ward for her yearly care plan meeting. I'm looking forward to my meeting with the teachers from her day program, her group home coordinators and  her social worker so we can set her goals for this coming year. Then afterward her and I get to hang out, go shopping, share some meals and visit with her Mother in the nursing.

That's about it for now, folks.

One more thing! Have a  wonderful Christmas & Hanukkah.
May your holiday be filled with love, peace and joy.