January 30, 2011


About that card, ya know the one I meant to get into the mail!!!
Love you


If you have not seen this video- you need to watch it.  It was in the first e-mail I opened this morning and I laughed until I cried. Whoever these seniors are, they are young at heart and are a reminder that getting older doesn't mean you have to act it!


Over Christmas there was a commercial on T.V. in it  a grandpa was so excited because he wanted to see a video of his grandson playing with a toy he had purchased for the child for Christmas. Jump to the video, the toy is sitting there unused and the kid is walking around having the time of his life playing with the box the toy came in over his head .

My kids did that stuff, played with boxes. One of my sons who shall remain nameless- MATTHEW used to make twist-tie-men or tails and bows-n-arrows out of things he found around the house, he played for hours and hour, you'd hardly know he was even there. Of course as his mother I thought it showed his superior intelligence and creativity-it's in the genes after all- ask anyone in the family. My daughter when she got older used to say, " some of those ideas could have been marketed". Smart child too!

It got me to thinking about the little things, every day stuff.........
Extra ordinary- ordinary stuff that we just might appreciate a tiny bit more, they make us smile and bring us joy.
Some come right to my mind for me. What about you?

    Here are a few of mine:

1. twist tie men (only kidding)
2. bitting into my first garden tomato every summer
3. watching my cats play
4. fresh crisp sheets
5. the smell of the beach after it rains
6 .the feel of the sand under my feet, Long Beach preferably
7. the smell of fresh coffee in the morning
8. a good bloody mary
9. a good laugh-till I cry
10. White Christmas' (sorry I live in the south now!)
11. running my hand thru  the buttons in Nana's button box
12. being bare foot

January 27, 2011


    Is that your hand I see Denise?



The Daily Beast 

The following was reported in the Daily Beast:

Color-Coded Threat Alarms Phased Out

The much-mocked, color-coded terror threat system used by the U.S. government since after Sept. 11, 2001 is on its way out. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is expected to announce the change on Thursday. "Though the system served a valuable purpose in the terrible days and months following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, it was clearly time for the current color-coded system to be replaced with a more targeted system," said Rep. Peter King (R-NY), who sits on the House Homeland Security Commission. The system will be replaced with a new version that identifies threats in specific geographic areas.

If your not familiar with what the code looks like I have put a copy of it below for you viewing pleasure.

I always followed my own personal advisory system which is pictured below. Those who have made a habit of traveling with me can attest to my strict adherence to the code. YELLOW is my constant companion when traveling....

I along with Homeland Security am hanging up my color coded system, removing my words of warning and sending those rainbow colors back to whence they came...... to the great rainbow in the sky, back to the sixties and gay pride where they belong.

January 26, 2011


Like many Americans I watched the State of The Union Address last night. Just checking in to see what our Commander in Chief sees as his vision for our country. Frankly I couldn't help but be curious to see whether there would be another "tissue moment" for John Boehner or which of the Supremes would actually show up. It was like being back at High School again. PLEASE!

I'm not sure which bright character decided to "date up" the members of Congress  into symbolic pairs; to make a complete and absurd  side show to what should be the serious business of the country.  But I was in- I bit I admit it- I couldn't help but scan the crowd to see if anyone  would be sitting alone? Who were the popular "couple"? Does anyone out there actually know how many times  Paul Ryan blinked during the republican response?

Here, on my couch I was happy to cozy up for the festivities with my "date". Don't tell Bill, but he was a handsome  strawberry/blond with a lot more hair then Bill has. This guy could hardly stay away from me, climbing all over me.....you would not believe; and he's younger too, very young actually. Bill almost caught us but he dashed off the couch and got out the door, his muscular legs and butt the last thing I saw as he left without a word. Here's a picture of my date.......

You didn't seriously think...did ya?

January 25, 2011


We went out to dinner tonight, or I should say supper. And I was thinking of those things that are quintessentially Southern at least in my mind, besides pie. I know Nana liked pie, she made them all the time. But last week when we were visiting the cousins in Charlotte, little Max was loving his pie and it started me thinking. So besides the fried chicken, rolls and slaw ( that's coleslaw ya'll)  & sweet tea there are other things that feel unique special to this place, give it it's own flavor if you will.

There are may things that to me- born a Northerner that strike me as truly Southern. For instance the number of churches that are within a short distance of my house. As a Catholic however I am SOL (Sh__ out of luck) I still have to drive 28 miles to Mass.  However I should say I have been invited ( and have been a guest) to many churches which include most every Protestant denomination as well as Baptist Churches alike. The people here are some of the most kind and genuine people I have ever met. Church supper anyone? A great way to get to know your neighbor.

If I grow tomatoes in my garden and the neighbor has sweet potatoes, or corn it will gladly be shared without discussion, just a bag or a box and a quiet thank you, that's how things are done here. Need fruit? I have fruit tree's ask and you shall receive. Want to fish, if you don't have a problem seeing the occasional snake then throw a fishing poll in my pond, no problemo. Just keep your llama's away from my property, they are  four legged wrecking balls that spit...
Don't laugh it happened once!

A few other thing that come to mind about living here :
The mail man never walks (mine's a woman)
Dogs are hunting dogs mostly, rarely house pets and usually never to inside the house .
People always wave or beep when they drive by your house.
You are your own garbage man, this sucks big time.
Strangers never get out of their car in the driveway, they always beep their horns (worried about dogs).
Most everyone says yes or no ma'am and sir


OK folks,

The Hawaii vacation blog was such a hit that I'm entering the blog world again..... it's time. I found the process of writing to be rather enjoyable so here goes.   I will be writing about me only....  ha just kidding! The title is something of a private joke, not so private anymore I guess- click on how this blog got its name and find out. As far as what I'll cover in this blog;  I'm guessing it will be whatever strikes my fancy on any given day. My life has been eventful, mostly happy but not without its tragic moments and this blog will cover some of that, plus so much more. I have been known to have opinions on a number of topics, and although my life isn't all that exciting it is far from boring. Feel free to comment I'm happy to hear what you have to say, thanks for stopping by.