August 31, 2011

clothes mountian

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Random Deals

Today it's more of the same,  still no power because of Irene. Sooo... I'm going to tackle the thing that's been bothering me all week. It's been piling up, it's smelly and getting bigger, growing by leaps and bounds, it's headed in the direction of the ceiling, it's THE LAUNDRY.

And guess what else? I actually have to go to the laundromat to do it, I haven't done that in.....well it's be ages and ages! 

Come to think of it; laundromats are air conditioned; aren't they? Because I've been without the AC for so many days I might just move in!

August 30, 2011

lights out

We still have no power here. We have heard from the county estimates anywhere between 5-7 days, my daughter works with someone who heard 14 days, crap I say! In the interest of conserving gasoline we usually turn the generator off about 9:30 p.m and then turn in. Kinda on the early side but we do what we have to do to get by.

Then I lay there stressing about things like the mounting pile of laundry and if we're going to have enough gas to last until they repair our lines. My husband and I are not old or anything but my Mom is in her mid 80's and I want her to be as comfortable as possible while she's here. She can't stay in her house because you guessed it; she's without power!

In the mean time we're trying to do what we can to keep comfortable. We keep rotating opening the windows depending on the location of the sun and the ceiling fans are very effective at keeping the house cool. We also have those really good windows with the blinds in between the window panes in every room. I don't know what I did my whole life before moving to the south, we NEVER had an air conditioner.

We're spoiled rotten I ashamed to say and times like this it makes me wonder what I'm really made of. What I really like about these times is the extra contact we have with our neighbors; calling and walking back and forth between our houses checking on each other; that makes me feel good more connected.

Anyway in order to do something I went out today and swept tons and tons of leaves off of our deck and the other porches now that everything is nice and dry. We've been lucky that the weather has been rather agreeable the past two days not much more that 82 or so degrees during the day so it's not at all difficult to manage.

Last night an awful hound dog barked and barked most of  the night and into the early morning hours, then one of my neighbors shot off a gun and it must have ran off. That, my friends is the down side of sleeping with the windows open.

Till next time....
Found the Marbles

August 29, 2011

the bane of my summer is back..uhhh!

Due to our whole hurricane situation I cancelled my leg wound appointment today.The past few weeks my wound has been at a stand still, not much healing going on so my doctor took a culture. Then this week it started to get smaller again so I was comfortable skipping.

Frankly I didn't want to waste the gas when we might need it for the generator  and drive 35 miles each way for a wound smaller than a pencil eraser with no depth at all. My wound didn't start out that way, it was more like the size of a plum or a small peach and down to the muscle back in April.

I have endured therapies that were pretty uncomfortable and pretty yucky since I couldn't shower when undergoing them. But I healed really well; then they found the MRSA and they did some more-therapies that is.

I did my hospital stay like a trooper, learned how to do my own antibiotic infusions and it was my understanding that several weeks on those powerful antibiotics would make me good as new. After all my MRSA was only in my wound and not in my blood. It should have kicked this infections ass, or so I'd been led to believe; NOT!

They called me today, my MRSA is back, but they found it in my surface skin cells that he tested me last week.

MRSA is the bane of my summer; bitch!

August 28, 2011

images of hurricane Irene

Large amounts of wind and rain enveloped our bit of the world yesterday. It didn't take long for our electric to go out and it will probably be many many days before my power is restored.

We are fine however since we have a generator, but the comforts of home just got and are going to get a bit less comfortable. It's going to be 90 degree's today and we can't run our AC since out generator isn't quite powerful enough!

That is not to say that I am complaining really! I know there are people who lost their lives yesterday; three in fact right here in our very own Commonwealth of Virginia. And many who lost their homes to fallen trees and rain or floods and I certainly don't mean to make light of their tragedies.

For today however our neck of the woods is just a bit greener even where it shouldn't be green since along with the rain and the wind the leaves blew like crazy all day yesterday!

Did you get hit by any of it or were you out of the storm zone? And if you did get the storm, how's things by you?

update  The county government just called (1:30 pm) to advise us that 85% of the county residents are without power and it wasn't likely the power would be restored for 5-7 days. Oh happy day!

August 26, 2011

is all about pampering me

Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity know I'm a Catholic so when I read over at Kristen's blog
a little something for me she was doing Friday's Confession Booth I just couldn't resist! If you'd like you can link up too, just click on the name of her blog above and it will take you over to her blog go ahead, go over and read the other submissions.

I figure I leave the real heavy confessing for the church but I do like everyone else have some funny things about me that make me unique or unusual as a person that I could probably confess.


Every women loves to be pampered right? All that hard work taking care of the kids and the house, maybe even the pets too. Oh did I forget hubby? So maybe you get a gift certificate or a free couple of hours to go out with the girls for a spa day.

Oh how glorious it is to have a facial, how those little rough patches on the forehead just melt away as the cosmetologist glop's potions and masks that are  horribly expensive and smell good enough to eat all over your face and neck. 

Or maybe someone REALLY loves you and you got a full body massage as a gift or hey what the heck give it to yourself. One hour melting away in bliss as warm hands work magic on your aches and pains; can anyone say mud bath? 

Even a manicure is a treat as long as it comes with one of those nifty little hand massages with warm lotion! 

My confession- I don't care for pedicures AT ALL! I've had a few and If I never have another it will be OK with me. I think it's pretty unclean practice and I won't go to a public salon and have one done. Even one that allows you to bring you're own implements. To have some strange person touch my feet creeps me out to no end. That is the part that bothers me the most, the strange person rubbing my feet, big creepy yuck.

Call me crazy or are there others out there who feel the same way?

August 25, 2011

Yippee you cancelled my homeowners

I hate loose ends. I guess it's part of my personality. When things are unfinished or left up in the air it makes me want to scream! Well maybe that's a bit dramatic truth be told it does make me uncomfortable.

So today when I opened an envelope from my insurance agent who covers my second home in Florida only to find out at the end of the policy in Feb. 2012 he is canceling the home owners, my first thought was to find another policy right away. State Farm is getting outta dodge (Florida) or that's the rumor. So they cancelled us - reason because we don't reside in our home full time. O.K it's a second home, we can't exactly do a Solomon and split ourselves in half can we? And they've been covering us for years, it sounds like a load of shit to me that is their excuse for canceling us that is. The timing as the first hurricane bears down on the east coast doesn't go without notice to me or my husband. It's not going to hit Florida but it still makes me wonder!

So now comes to the part of me leaving things unfinished, not gonna happen so I jumped right on my laptop and did a search for insurance. So I popped in the address; twenty minutes later we got a call from the nicest guy representing an insurance company. Since we're twenty minutes from the beach and haven't ever made a claim, he wrote a policy for the house. E-mailed it for our approval and we'll finalize it on Monday.

You want to hear something funny? Turns out all things included it costs half of what we were paying with State Farm. Isn't that that our good luck? Not that I've ever had much but hey whose complaining. Insurance laws require that State Farm refund any payment they've received in advance and  I've payed for the year.  As soon as I get my new policy in my hand I will cancel theirs a.s.a.p then the refunded amount basically pays for the new policy. Not bad huh?

August 23, 2011

it was my first earthquake

Sitting in my usual position on the couch, laptop perched on my lap.

Cat curled at my side.

The glasses in the china closet started to rattle, my feet feel the rumble from below.

My cat panics, jumps to the floor and it shutters beneath his paws.

My house ebbs and it flow, my house sways and rocks like a train on its tracks.

As I gaze around the room the picture frames fall, the chandelier sways.

Then I wonder if its an uneven load in the washer; sorry Maytag!

My stomach clenches and I worry for a little minute if something bad happened; maybe terrorist or nuclear.

Then after twenty very long seconds when it has stopped I begin to think.

And then I knew.

It was scary and exciting.

Did I forget to mention I'm grateful I don't live on the west coast?

I had just experienced what was my very first earthquake.

August 21, 2011

our two days in St Augustine

The whole Florida neighbor situation was such a drag, we didn't really want to stay in the house and be annoyed!

If you missed my whole neighbor drama you can read it here my crappy neighbor and here my crazy neighbor part ll.

Since St Augustine is just a stones away, we decided to go there to relax. We got a hotel right on the edge of the historic area. The first night however we drove around to get the lay of the land and parked right by the water near the City Marina to have a quick look around. The bridge that's in the back round of this picture below heads over to the local beaches. We didn't visit the beaches this trip, that's for another time but from what I understand they're quite nice.

City marina with The Bridge of Lions which. takes you to the local beaches.

It is pretty hot here in August which was no surprise, so we didn't get far with our sight-seeing before Momma was needing a cold beer. Wouldn't you know it; my husband looked up and there right before our eyes was a brewery sign hanging above our heads! *cue in the angels singing*

So we popped in there for a few cold fresh Ale's on tap. Oh how good that was! A winding copper bar sat in the middle of the main floor of this bright neighborhood establishment; there was a dining room up stairs. We however enjoyed all their delicious food and beer from the comfortable tables that lined the windows with the beautiful views down by the bar.

A1A Ale Works on the corner; great beer!
What I loved about the eating and drinking establishments here in St Augustine is the family/neighborhood  atmosphere, every person even tourist like us were make to feel welcome, as welcome as the regulars. Many of the restaurants have live music of some type, either jazz or a live singer to entertain you while dinning, it really is a treat.

Then we were off to poke around the town. Lovely old buildings on each and every  street, parks and squares dotted throughout the area. I stopped by The Cathedral Basilica of St Augustine built in 1793, but the doors were closed unfortunately so I didn't get to see the inside. I did stand on the opposite side of the square as you can see in the picture below and take a picture of it.I'm afraid the picture isn't very good and the tree's block the view. The square itself was quite green and ripe with summer foliage and beautiful in its own right.

The Cathedral Basilica of St Augustine

There is a lot of shopping in the historic area of St Augustine. We spent long hours on St George St which is a pedestrian mall walking in and out of the shops; that is in between the afternoon showers.  If you aren't familiar; it usually rains every afternoon in Florida. It then gets so humid you can drink while breathing. So we'd grab a cold drink or an ice cream at one of the shops until the rain passes (and it does) and then continue shopping. I snagged some great birthday gifts for my Godson and his sisters, my nieces in a few of the shops, they have some beautiful and unique items there.

My husband found a novel little grill in front of one of the shops, it's certainly original! OINK! We didn't buy it though. Somehow I can't see this in my yard!

How about cooking your ribs on this?
My husband thought it was original!
I would love to go to St Augustine another time maybe plan the trip out a little better now that I'm familiar with the area. There were a few cute little Inn's on A1A right across from the marina that would have been a great choice to stay in, or maybe one of the lovely B&B's that we saw when we were walking about. The hotel was adequate but I would rather not do the hotel thing again.  I think being "in" the historic part proper would be so much better and something we'll do next time.

Have you ever been to St Augustine? What did you think? Like it or not?

We didn't really get to do much this summer with all my doctors appointments; it pretty much sucked being stuck in the house so even a few days was a wonderful break for me.

What did you do this summer; anything good? I'm always looking for ideas for get away's.

August 20, 2011

live and learn - my crazy neighbors part two

My husband and I with a great deal of trepidation decided to go to Florida to deal with our second home there. If you missed the reason why we went down you need to read  my crappy neighbor.  I pray the market will turn around soon so I can sell it but I'm not hopeful, really I'm not. Our intention was for it to be a get away home but with the neighbors we have on one side are SO terrible; we really dread being there; sad huh?

We rather suspect but we can't prove that the son who we had removed in handcuffs from our home having parties misusing our key kicked in a few of the bottom panels of our aging garage door. Their cats (his family happens to have many many cats) that they feed  but do not claim as theirs; were living in our garage, nice right?

You would think we did something to them for goodness sake's, they wouldn't even look at us if they came out of their house. I don't know maybe it's just me. If I do something wrong and got caught red handed by the police *hello* I'd apologize!  How hard can that be?

Now we're never going to talk to each other ever; is just juvenile and stupid?  For the love of Pete, say you're sorry and we'll say we accept your apology and then we'll move on. We're not ever going to be friends but for goodness sake's ignoring or feuding is just RIDICULOUS and pain in my ass!

My ass hurts!

It always surprises me when you think people are one way and they end up being totally different. Like from another planet!

Anyway we dealt with the issues at the house the best we could. Had a nice visit with a few of the other neighbors then decided to turn our trip into a mini vacation! Why the heck not I say!

Check back, I'm putting together a post and getting my photo's in order; my hubby and I spent a few days in St Augustine. Wow what a nice city!

August 16, 2011



It's a change we're never prepared for, one that is so difficult to adjust. It can invade your dreams but helps us process grief while sleeping. When my kids died I had difficulty with change; who wouldn't right? 

I decided to use this prompt to share one of my what I call         "change dreams."

My panic rises when I realize I'm alone. The street is dark and the weather snowy.

There is somewhere I need to be but I don't know where; my hearts beating loudly.

I feel a heaviness; a weight on me, Is is a backpack or is it a burden, I don't know for sure?

My body moves forward, the need is overwhelming;  as I push against the wind the snow pelts against my face stinging my skin until it is numb.

Every step takes every bit of energy I have in my body.

Tears mixed with snow covers my face; I brush them away then dip my head into the wind and push on with purpose.

My muscles screamed out with each motion my body heavy, exhausted but I HAVE to move forward.

I'm blinded in this storm, where am I going?

August 14, 2011

my crappy neighbor

We own a house in Florida that we don't live in and use infrequently. With the economy as it is and the housing market in the toilet I would venture a guess that my second home is worth about two cents right now. My husband has some rather strong feelings about being absentee landlords so we use it when we can. Lately however our time has been taken up with family time and health concerns so our trips have been far and few between.

Anyway because we live in Virginia, we had an agreement with the neighbor he would check on the house and mow the grass for a fee, plus we gave them our riding mower as part of the agreement. This all went perfectly well until the neighbor got a job outside the country and passed the job to his stepson. He is in his late twenties so we didn't anticipate any problems as far as whether he's be of a responsible age.

At first things seemed to be OK, it turns out however he was misusing the key we gave him in case of emergencies. One of the other neighbors called one weekend night several months ago saying there was a rather noisy party going on in my house. You see he has this pack of male friends, I've often wondered what in the world they do since they are around at all times of  the day and night. I don't think they work with any regularity or go to college for that matter. So I wasn't shocked after the police arrived at our request to hear that several people were arrested for illegal possession of who knows what and they along with our not so trustworthy neighbor were all taken out of our house in handcuffs.

My husband and my son Matthew changed the locks and I was happy about that. But for me I felt so betrayed. It bothered me that all those strange people were in my house touching my stuff. It bothered me that he betrayed my trust when I thought he was worthy of it. It bothered me that he didn't care that it was our space-our home when he was free to have parties in his parents house right next door.

My neighbor just called again today, it seems he's a little slow in the head he and his friends parked a moving truck in my driveway. I'm not sure what part of don't come on my property he doesn't understand but one of the men from down the block confronted him about being on the property and he and his friends moved.

There is still no beach for me because of my leg but it's time for me and my husband to hit the Florida sunshine and make our presence known to our crappy neighbor. My leg is just good enough to give him a swift kick in the rear end. So Monday after my wound doctor appointment appointment we'll be off for a few days to see what's going on. Then we can pay a nice visit and have a cold one with the good neighbors; yes we actually do have a few!

I have really good neighbors in the town where I live and I have a hard time imagining what it would be like having to live with bad neighbors all the time, it must be horrible. This guy down in Florida really bugs me to no end. Have you ever had a crappy neighbor or been betrayed by one?

August 13, 2011

i hate when that happens

My husband and I went out last night for a seafood dinner at this pretty nice place on the river. Beautiful view that overlooked  a dock that jutted out over the calm lakes surface. The sun was setting in the sky and the clouds had various colors of white and pink. It was warm but there was a gentle breeze so we opted to sit outside.

We were the first diners on the outside deck then later others joined us one table filling then another. Couples sharing romantic moments, talking quietly.
Just enjoying each other.

Things were wonderful, and then THEY walked in.

You know the couple I'm talking about.

The ones who don't know how to act in public.

I hate when that happens.

Of all the rotten luck.

There was this couple in their late thirties early forties sitting near us, they made a sport out of calling their waitress to their table every chance they could get. It was like a tennis match watching their waitress going back and forth past our table to theirs, I wanted to scream it was so annoying!

It might have had a teensy bit to do with their alcohol consumption.  I lost count of how many shots of tequila they did before and during their meal and thankfully we left before they were finished. The more they drank the more demanding he became of their server.

"I'd like another Bud and a shot and I'd like it right away" he would say; loud enough for everyone to hear him.

Well hell; what's she gonna do go to Walmart and go shopping before bringing it back to the table?


I hope you get a hangover.

August 11, 2011

i'm finished stalking my husband

I've gotten my laptop back from HP. They fixed whatever was wrong with her and didn't ruin any of my memory which was a plus. It seems that my entire life is on this computer and saving, well most days; sadly, I forget. All I had to do was to change my password and I was back in business. Someone loves me!

My husband is a happy man since for the past week I have been literally stalking him at his desk for computer time. The minute he gets up I jump into his desk chair to check my e-mail and blog. Talk about being attached to my computer! But it got me to thinking just how attached.....

I know I don't like to leave my house without my cell phone, it's one of those smart phones thingies. Can't you hear my hubby howl every time he gets the bill? I got one for me and my son Matthew a year ago last Christmas. It was the family plan so it saved money; yeah right!

Years ago I didn't think twice leaving and not being in touch with the house for hours on end.  Now I'll literally turn back and get my phone rather then be without it. I can't say honestly whether this has anything to do with the accident but I just don't feel safe without a phone. I'm attached!

When I get up in the morning usually my husband is up already and has made coffee. He'll greet me with a hug, hand me my coffee, then I turn on the TV to Imus on Fox News Business and flip open my laptop and he goes to his desk top in the den; that's what we do! We're attached!

Many of my family and friends live in other states so this laptop is a way of communication for me.  My children and my Mom are here and fairly local but we still use our computers and cells for communication. And my blog? I love my blog, its an outlet for me and its fun to meet other people, male and female and our relationship however limited are rewarding and gratifying to me.

I read an interesting article today saying that the Catholic Church (I'm a Catholic) in Ireland has come out with a report saying that the fastest growing cause of marital difficulty in Ireland in the year 2010 was internet misuse. You can read it for yourself here if you'd like the

Does your computer time and your blog friends interfere with your home life? I spend a good amount of time on my laptop each day and I know my husband worries about my safety. He was a cop that's what he does. But other than that it hasn't been a concern between us.

How about you, attached?

Rather cuddle up with you laptop than your significant other?

Feel naked without you cell phone?

Have you had a tiff about your computer time?

I'd love to hear how your blog life has affected your home life.

August 10, 2011

hidden in this body

This is my first Pour Your Heart Out. I've been a fan for a while but never linked up. Many of the blogs that I follow are religious in their participation , so I figured I'd give it a try too!  You can too, just visit Shell at things i can't say and link up.

I need to shed some pounds, I've gotten heavy and out of shape.

I've packed on a lot of pounds the past five years since the kids died.

Mourning and grief can be such an isolating thing and I did isolate myself. 

Time stopped and there was little else but sit and think and sit and cry; and eat apparently! 

Now  I need to shed and I don't seem to have the motivation to do it.

I need to get my mojo back.
It's alluding me!

Where did my mojo go?

One thing I know I hate that I'll have to do this alone.

I'd love if my husband would do it with me but he's not into this kind of thing.

I think having someone to do it with- a buddy would be fun, even helpful, but my friends well.... they're all in pretty good shape.

Darn, I want my mojo back.

I wish I knew where my mojo went.

 I know!

It's hidden in this body I no longer like!

August 9, 2011

do you see the poor as i do?

Its been a long time since I've been in the work place. I did for many years (11) work as a volunteer with the Sisters tending to the needs of the poor in a neighboring community. We worked out of a basement office of our church. It was a crash course in humility, patience and kindness at the hands of a group of wonderful women; their order is The Daughters of Charity check out this link. I think you'll agree they are an order with some truly blessed women.

It was one of the most challenging things I have ever done, both spiritually and emotionally. Seeing people many at their very worst, stripped bare of all. Yet I felt this pull something in me told me this was something that I had to do.Was it some kind of message from God pointing me to a calling? I truly don't know but I dove right in with a dedication that even surprised me. I learned what my strengths were and what my faults were at the knees of some of the most humble people I have ever met.

I began my work there I'm ashamed to admit with a little voice that whispered words of judgment for some of the people I was to help. Invisible people to many in society, the homeless, the mentally ill,the poor and even the working poor flooded through our doors daily. What did I know of this group of people? Comfortable in my middle class home with my middle class up bringing, food always plentiful with summers at the beach house it was easy to put people in categories and to judge their circumstances; but I learned!

I had many preconceived notions but through my work and with the example of the good sisters I was able to serve with love and without judgement. No longer faceless there was a cherished life attached to every story and struggle of unemployment, abuse, generational poverty, illiteracy, lack of adequate health care, lack of food, every unpaid bill and crime.  I am proud that we could do to assist them whether large or small because it was good and just; and prayer there was always prayer.

I haven't resumed my work with the poor since the kids died in the accident, their deaths took something out of me that I haven't quite gotten back yet. The sisters have moved on too, their convent has closed at our parish and are doing their good works in other places. Lay people have taken over our Outreach to the poor, in this economy the needs are great.  My ears perk up if Father mentions it at Mass but I'm not quite there yet, not quite ready to give of myself all that is required to go back. The people however,  they are never far from my thoughts. And regardless of if I continue my work with them, they will never ever be invisible to me again, ever.

How do you feel about the poor and homeless in your community?

August 7, 2011

cuff em kiddo's

My son and daughter and son are in the same profession, I rather not say exactly what  they do specifically, but I will say their jobs are in the law enforcement field. One works for federal government  the other one for the state government. They are darn good at what they do too I might add! I watch them both using their educations, their people skills and their training to progress in their careers with skill.

Hey, I'm a Mom so I'm supposed to think the sun shines out of my kids butts but I think there's something to be learned here, really I do.

There are several things that strike me about them both,  admirable qualities that work for them in the work place that make them successful. .If you don't have respect for authority then you cannot be successful in a position of authority. Power trips are the easiest path to the downfall of a career in their field.  They have compassion and respect in a profession when it is easy to become jaded.  And they have pride in their work, even when doing  the most common tasks. Most importantly work stays at work when ever humanly possible, bringing it home is sometimes unavoidable but it's a good idea to keep the felons and other criminals where they belong.

I am in awe of them, I really am!

Do you like your work, any tricks in your trade? Do you frequently take you work frustrations home with you?  Or is work just a paycheck for you?

August 6, 2011

YES, you're supposed to stop for an old lady in the crosswalk

It used to be that we stopped for old ladies with canes, ANYTIME. Now we just practically run them down, they're just don't matter, why bother, places to go people to see; right?. Some people need a good ass kicking if you ask me! Crazy drivers!

We went to lunch today at a local restaurant up at the mall. Mom, my son Matthew my husband and I. My daughter and her family are presently visiting Mickey Mouse down in Florida so it was just us four.

As we were leaving I walked off the curb into the parking lot at the crosswalk and my son took Mom's arm, the first car yielded as they should.

It should be said that the traffic goes in both directions just so you get an idea of the situation.

All of the sudden the cars in back of the lead car started pulling out into the oncoming lane because Mom walks slow ( pardon her from keeping you from K-Mart for 30 seconds). Idiots  not only almost hit her and my son but came pretty darn close to running me over too! They're like mindless cattle one does it and more follow. Believe it or not  there were several, one would be bad enough.

WTF did they think they're doing? Doesn't anyone have any respect for the elderly anymore?

To the persons who did this let me just say.  You almost ran down a handicapped elderly woman. MY MOTHER I'd rather like to keep her around for as long as possible, thank you very much. I'm not even going to touch on the traffic rules you broke in your rush to shop.  Have you no shame?  Are the sales at the store so important?  I wonder how you feel if it was your mother? 

And to those of you reading this, how would you feel if it was your Mom?

Tell me folks how do you think society is treating our elderly? Because I gotta tell ya, today I was discouraged big time. Fleeting moment or terrible trend?

August 3, 2011

party hats and other silly things we do!

It's important to me to celebrate family occasions as a family whenever possible. Last night we got together to celebrate my son Matthew's 29th birthday. It seemed like yesterday that he was born and now he's grown done with college and on his own, gosh did time fly.

I see so many parents out there in blog land and in real life who are in a rush to get their kids grown to push them through their precious stages of development; what I wouldn't do to have those moments back with all my kids. But I must say I enjoy very much being a parent of grown children and having my grand babies to spoil.

My daughter Heather called me the other day after my husband and I had left their house and said to me, "I went upstairs then their they were waving twenty dollar bills as if they'd just pulled off the heist of the century." She then added with a chuckle, "I knew you had given them that money for vacation but they were trying with their last breath to convince me to take them to Game Stop to get a new video game and I wasn't buying it for a minute!"  As a grandmother I have to tell you honestly I just love this, I cannot tell you how much!

Now back to birthdays and our family. As we were  seated around the table at the restaurant I was thinking about the little things we do with our kids and how they'll carry those things with them, make it their own and even build on it when they have kids of their own or get older. Those things that grow from the seed planted from the importance of family.

My kids know for instance  that birthday dinners when they were little or living home they always got to pick the meal and the cake; what ever they wanted and Mom's cooked it just for them. But now that they've grown and they have busy lives and work and families of their own we tend to go out to eat to celebrate birthdays.

My daughter Heather has started a bit of a tradition of her own which I love, she and her husband are both working parents. He works nights and she days so the kids always have a parent home with them.

Whenever we meet for a birthday for one of my grandsons they MUST wear a birthday hat during their birthday dinner. It's a rather funny thing too! Now mind you her kids are ages 9-13 so it's not to humiliating yet! I found two of the boys pictures on my cell here are the last two birthdays celebrated with their hats.

Adam on his 13th
Xavier on his 9th

Last night we celebrated my sons 29th birthday and she forgot to bring her brothers birthday hat to the restaurant so she had to improvise; and made one out of several napkins from the table. We were at a local sports bar so the head lock went surprisingly unnoticed by the other patrons on the outdoor patio. Oh that's right did I mention she had to put him in a head lock to get the thing on his head?

Matthew on his 29th

Nothing more than a few silly hats and a lot of laughs and new memories are made that we carry with us for the rest of our lives. So tell me what do you do? Any silly little rituals that make your family birthday's special?