June 4, 2014

when life trumps blogging

I have over the course of the past month received  more than a few concerned emails and comments about where the heck I've been.
Thanks my friends I appreciate your concern.
I'm fine, really.
Just taking a break.
Lots going on.
Here's the skinny.

We still have a full house here. My step daughter and her family are due to move out within the next month or maybe a bit more. Everyone's working full time, and he's gotten all of his immigration/work stuff worked out. We're busy helping out picking up the slack with the kids, taking care of Mom who's doing great at 86 and getting in a trip now and then so I can fulfill my guardian obligations.

 Having kids in the house again, having homework time, dinnertime, bedtime keeps me so tired busy that I don't seem to be able to carve out a regular time out to attend to this blog. I can't imagine however not getting right back to it once we have the house back to ourselves. Any extra time I have quite frankly I've been putting into planting my vegetable gardens.

And then there's the other stuff, the not so good, and down right sad stuff.

My cat Cheetah, the cat from my "B" post on A-Z was hit by a car and died. Poor thing wandered out into the street and didn't stand a chance. And if you've ever wondered if cats mourn, they do. His brother Tarzan, sat a the front door for a week waiting for Cheetah to come home, when he didn't he then laid on the couch for two weeks barely eating.

I lost my Aunt Paula who was very dear to me in recently. We had a very special relationship starting back when I was a small girl and blossomed as I became an adult into one of love, friendship and mutual respect. I will miss more than I can say. I'm just so darn sad that she's gone.

Then as you know I am a legal guardian for a  lady (with intellectual disabilities) who is a dear family friend, lets call her B. B's Dad passed away 17 months ago and her mother entered into a rest home. Sadly, her mother, passed away last week. B knew her Mom was getting ready to "go to heaven" to be with her Dad and we did our best to prepare her for that.  When I told her her mother died  I asked her if she was sad, upset or mad. My thought was to try to encourage her to use her limited verbal skills to express her feelings. She looked at me and said, " I'm happy, they're together."  She's an amazing woman.