January 1, 2012

ending the old year and beginning the new

Happy New Year!

The days following Christmas for us have been busy for us here in our house. My cousin Colleen called from Charlotte and made plans to come up with her friend  Jim for a few days to ring in the New Year with us here in Virginia.

 Colleen and Jim
One of my three grandsons, Xavier decided to come stay with us for a few days of his vacation. It was actually his first time alone without his older brothers and he did wonderfully. He hung out with us and played with my cousins dogs Doodle and Stitch. And he really enjoyed playing with his Christmas present that Grandma and Poppa (that's us) got him. It only took me forever to register the darn thing, but it was worth it! Encouraging reading was my plan so it seems to have worked, we spent a bit of cuddle time reading a Percy Jackson book while he was here. Yippee!

Xavier playing with his new Kindle
We were blessed with some beautiful weather here in Virginia that we were able to throw some ribs on the grill one of the days our company was here. I would have much preferred a white Christmas; it's the northerner in me, but I know my cousin would have never come and that would have been a big let down! I continue to hope for some white stuff before winter ends however.

And on another day while they were here, we went out for some chicken wings and a few beers and gave Jim a tour since it was his first time here visiting our home and our neck of the woods. Having company at the house is great but with such beautiful weather we just really needed to get out of the house for a drive and enjoy the sunshine while it lasted.

One night in honor of my beloved Aunt Frances I cooked my almost famous meatballs and spaghetti. Even though my Aunt - Godmother is no longer with us, her children and Colleen is the youngest of the four girls; are so used to me cooking them for her they've come to expect a meatball or two from their cousin Jen when she's has a kitchen within her reach.

Now Bill and I didn't make it to midnight, we were exhausted. Jim and Colleen awoke to texts from their respective sons which was nice. But Bill and I were blissfully cutting logs by then, dreaming of what the new year might bring.

As far as the New Year goes; I'm not big on making resolutions, for me its just is a big list of probable failures for the year that will end up making me feel badly about myself. But I would like to make an effort this year to get moving, be more active and to eat more healthfully. And if that resulted in some weight loss that would be GREAT because I could benefit from that. These past five years I have acquired some lazy habits both regarding diet and my activity level all of which I am not blind to or unwilling or unable to change. All of these areas of my life could use some work and for 2012 I plan on focusing on them.

How do you feel about making resolutions in the New Year?

What if any changes are you planning in your life in 2012?


  1. I'm exactly like you on resolutions. I simply don't keep them, so I'm not a fan of setting myself up to fail.

    I'm a Northerner too, and this warm 60 degree weather down here is getting on my last nerve!

    Glad you had some great family time with everyone!

  2. Me too! I would have much preferred having the wood stove roaring and my yard blanketed with the white stuff!

    But, those ribs were heaven! Hence the need for some better eating habits!

    Happy New Year Liz.

  3. I try to set myself up with realistic resolutions. This year I am trying to lose one pound per week until I am healthy. Good luck with your weight loss as well!

  4. Sounds like a plan Becca. It's all about getting back into good health and feeling good isn't it?

  5. Home made spaghetti and meatballs...nom nom.
    I don't make resolutions. Mostly because I never follow through...
    Yes I am professional a quitting resolutions ;)

  6. Sounds like a terrific way to spend the holiday!

  7. Jen, those people in your picture look like happy, beautiful, well adjusted people.
    P.S. The food was awesome and Jim is afraid that he will gain the 106 pounds back so the next visit will take a while.
    Love Ya,
    Your Cousin Colleen (and Jim)

  8. Love having you both,and I'm still a bit full from all the food and beer too!

    Not to mention I'm still catching up on sleep!

  9. Love to see a kid reading!!

    No resolutions here...just finished blogging about my alternative. Less pressure :-)

  10. Sounds like a lovely holiday! I know my children always enjoy "alone" time with my parents.

    I call them resolutions because everyone else does, but I do take time to evaluate (usually because I'm catching up on my year-end budget and it makes me reflect) my year and set goals that I like to accomplish in the year to come.

    Happy New Year!

  11. SS-Single Mom,
    I think self evaluation is SO necessary for us to grow and become better people.

  12. Melissa,
    I remember having five little ones at home and it was a penitential pressure cooker trying to balance all seven of our our personal-social lives, my husbands rotating work hours.

    Unlike you I didn't even have a job- job other than being a stay at home mom; boy do I get you on this one!


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