January 15, 2012

I lied twice in this post and that's the truth- UPDATED

Did that title grab ya? Seriously it's all fun really! Instead of the traditional "about me" list I've decided to do something with a bit of a twist today. I was thinking back on my younger days, high school and beyond, believe it or not I had a umm.... wild side back in the day. Here's a glimpse into Jen then and now... with a twist in my list. Out of the dozen things about me, two of them are untrue, want to give it a shot and guess which ones I made up?
  1. I was voted the biggest flirt of my graduating class. The boys had issues because I wouldn't date them!
  2. I broke into a neighbors house (as in burglarized) to steal a puppy that was being abused and neglected. Writing about this on Mama Kat's  this week, stay tuned!
  3. I then fessed up to the neighbor breaking into the neighbors house after stealing said puppy. My dad marched me over and made me!
  4. I got so drunk on champagne once, I actually took my pantyhose off on a street corner after leaving a wedding reception. Not my greatest moment!Even now when I smell champagne it makes me sick.
  5. As a student I was never more than average, sad but true; maybe! Sometimes average is good!
  6. I was on the kick line in high school, can you imagine the younger me in saddle shoes and a short uniform showing all that leg? This was fun.
  7. I was born on Friday the 13th. March, I was due on St Patty's day but came early!
  8. Would you believe I'm five foot nine inches tall? Truth or tall tale? Every inch of it! And I'm the shortest member of the seven members of our family!
  9. I love shoes, I have tons of pairs and love wearing all of them. I would sell my sole for shoes! I wish i could be bare foot all year long, I hate shoes, hate wearing them.
  10. I was a singer in a band that played in the local bars in the town I grew up in. Did work in my Dad's bar as a bartender but I don't have much of a voice. Sorry!
  11. My last child was just under 10 pounds at birth. Eric was a big boy, 9lbs 10 oz -22inches
  12. I was a tomboy who loved to play outside and never did really care for dolls. who wants dolls when they have the beach?

Are you able to spot the fabrications in this list? There are only two. Care to make a guess, just comment? Then come back in a few days and I'll highlight the lies in red so you know if you guessed right. Oh and if this bring up any of your memories that you'd like to share, please do! I mean now that you think I'm a burglar and all! ( And family members probably shouldn't participate since it wouldn't be fair OK!)


  1. What fun! I'm going to guess #3 and #8 are the lies. I can't wait to see which ones are and which aren't!

  2. 4 and 10....don't know why...just feels right!

  3. I'm choosing #3 and #9, but I can't really say why. It's pretty much a guess!

  4. Oh, wow. That's tough. Coming from a someone who also had a bit of a wild side, they all seem realistic to me. LOL

  5. It's a long and winding trail through the blogosphere that brings you to a new blog. On my first visit its hard to make a guess at which of these is fact and which is fiction. I'll just have to pop back and see what's true won't I?

    1. Some impression! I hope I haven't scared you away *giggle*

  6. I'm going to say #12 and #9...I really hope that story about you stealing a puppy is true.
    Oh and you taking off your panty hose...hilarious!!

  7. Everything looks truthful except for #4 and # 11. I don't believe you were average, so I am throwing # 5 here too.

  8. This was fun everyone.

    Thanks for playing along. Liz, Sophie and her Dad Ron and Kimberly got one right each by guessing either 9 or 10.

    Great job everyone, thanks for playing along!


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