January 13, 2012

photo day- the lay of the land

I got a lot of really nice comments and feedback from my first photo day and that was very encouraging. I also got a lot of hits- the stats don't lie, right? So I made up a new little button thingie just because I roll that way and here I am back again with some more pictures.

This batch of pictures were taken this week around our property. Like our John Deere bird house/condo!? We are a bird friendly household, and this thing is really high up because in addition to being a bird friendly household we are a cat friendly household!

This is Tarzan, he's our alpha cat..or he likes to think he is!

This is Cheetah, he's Tarzan's litter mate. How two brother could be more different I do not know. He is the sweetest little thing who loves to play and get into mischief unlike his brother who is quite aggressive.

This picture is something else isn't it; what a moon!? I wish I could take credit for it, but I'm afraid Bill gets all the credit for taking it the other night while grilling some chicken.

The sun going down through the immature pines..... not really crazy about this picture quite frankly!

The picture below are actually suckers growing under a tree, I don't know the name of the species but the colors are amazing aren't they? During the summer this tree provides shade for one part of my vegetable garden in the mid day so we plant our cucumbers underneath. The only down side to the tree is that it has very large thorns!

Through the smoke of burning leaves this is an old tobacco barn that is on our property.  Years ago when we first lived here it actually was functional and a farmer friend did use it for a few years. I believe there are more efficient ways to dry tobacco now. This barn has three levels and is very large, but without an interested farmer to use it and do the the maintenance plus one to many hurricanes the poor thing....well lets just say its seen better days.

That's this installment of photo day. I hope you enjoyed it, and please let me know what you think.


  1. These are soim really great pictures. I love the moon pic your husband took. It is spectacular.

  2. Beautiful! THe moon is amazing, and I like the one with the sun through the trees! Your cats are adorable :)

  3. Great round of photos! Love the birdhouse, the great moon shot and your kitties are adorable - I'm a cat lady too :-)

  4. You have a gift. I love your photos. The bird condo is beautiful! Irate to tell you this but the moon shot is amazing. Your hubby knows what he is doing there.

    1. Ariana,
      Hubby's always had an eye and a talent for camera's and photography, he just hasn't picked up a camera in years, shame right? It seems he hasn't lost it! I'm glad and he's tickled to death at the feedback the moon photo is getting. Thanks.

  5. Great idea for a button!

    I think you've been holding out on us with your photo skills--you are really good!

    I love that old barn--would be a great location for a photo shoot.


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