January 11, 2012

here's some news- I'm feeling snarky

Oh my goodness! Have you checked out the news lately? I must admit I don't read it as much as I should. I know terrible me! So the other day I put some local news publications and local tv new stations on my homepage so I can catch up on the local /national news. With the election coming and all I wanted to brush up on my candidates and now that the winter is here I tend to stay more isolated here in the house so reading the news becomes my tether to the outside.

So with my new publications all set up I browsed a bit scanning the headlines from my area and what was happening nationally.

I will repeat myself oh my goodness!

As I looked at the links for the local t.v news then the local news papers- headline after headline was shockingly bad news,highlighting criminal behavior and violence, it is just horrible!

They must have something good to highlight why don't they lead with that? Why does it always have to be the bad stuff, the horror, the tragedy and the suffering? AXPGRTGJ3YWR

Here's a sample from just today:

  • Virginia gets a failing grade for safe roadways
  • Police identify man burned to death and left on the side of the road in James City County
  • Judge says "No Deal" to woman accused of faking cancer - (speechless, I am speechless)
  • Richmond man given 28 years in abduction, robbery
  • U.S. Marine Corps to investigate video of Marines urinating on corpses
I don't mean to be snarky,*throat clear* but I will!
If they are going to continue to call this news I have a suggestion. 
They might want to consider a name change for the level of negativity they display.
They should call it BAD NEWS.



  1. Here, here! I recently assigned my son a current event writing assignment. Geesh! What was a I thinking?

  2. I have taken a news break before...for this very reason.

  3. Local news for Michigan also very, very grim, I refused to watch them.

    1. Ariana,
      What are they thinking? Do they think this misery sells? I think its horribly depressing.

  4. Hi, first time here. Love your blog !This is one reason why I hate reading to watching news. It churns out so much negativity. If you read about an accident, death, natural disaster, it puts fear in you. If you read about corruption, cheap politics, it makes you curse and crib and raise your blood pressure. If you read about cruelty, you cant get the picture out of your head and I when I read about hunger, I cannot seem to finish my burger. BAD NEWS INDEED.

    1. Thanks for visiting, I sure do hope you'll come back again soon. For me that visual of all those (bad) news publications on my homepage was shocking and sickening I agree.

  5. this is exactly why I never watch it anymore. You can get a very negative view of the world. Fear sells better than good vibes I guess.

  6. Oh my...
    I live in a city that borders the US...across from Detroit specifically...
    So our t.v picks up a lot of Detroit stations like the news. Dude, there is at least one killing a day, one house fire, drug busts, robbery. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of good in Detroit too. I worked there for 10 years. But all they focus on is the crap.
    Since being diagnosed with postpartum depression, I can't watch the news because it triggers anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

    1. Don't you think there should be some balance Kimberly? I mean I know bad things happen but really!

  7. Jen, I am SO with you on this!! I have a theory....most of the media/press is owned by big business in your and my country. What sells? BAD NEWS. It is not to their advantage to report all the good stuff that is going on in the world. And there is lots going on.
    It was on the news today in Nova Scotia that a small local newspaper is starting up precisely for this reason....to report good news. Who really has to know that so and so was sentenced to 25 years for murder? I don't! and all the other irrelevant stuff.
    You got me ranting.....thanks! Good post!


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