January 24, 2012

gems picked up in the bathroom

I was always very good with time management- still am. I tend to be an organized person- good at getting things done. With a family of seven I'd have to be or I'd have went crazy, right?  As each of the kids left the nest our schedules freed up more and more;
there are perks of an empty nester-well sorta!

Going through transitions are not without their challenges especially for us; but we tried to approach it with a touch of humor.

Anyway, Bill - my husband -loves those funny little books with facts or cute little stories, you know the ones
- you keep in the library bathroom! 

Well, I was looking through on of them the other day and I came upon this quote and I couldn't help but laugh! Then I thought it was so ridiculous and humorous yet relevant to our lives it worth sharing. 

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  1. LOL....love it!
    and the irony is I have declared today a day of doing nothing (well, except blogging).....so I guess it will end when I go to bed tonight? except then, I am still basically doing nothing. LOL

  2. Hey come to my house, we have it down to a science!

  3. LOL... so true


  4. Exactly. But, I suppose it entirely depends on one's definition of doing nothing - it's so different for everyone. :>

  5. Oh..no...you guys aren't bathroom readers are you?
    That book is marked!!! To quote Seinfield ;)

  6. One day I will be doing nothing :) thank you for making me laugh today.

  7. It made me laugh too! I'm pretty good at doing nothing and I'm superb at procrastination!

  8. I went back to work today after a week by myself at home. I think I need a few more days to practice doing nothing...should really help my efficiacy, don't you think? ;-)


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