January 3, 2012

I am SO at that point in my life

Remember when you were a kid and you could sleep till noon? I remember days when my Mom would come into my bedroom and pull up the blinds to try to lure me out of bed using the sunlight. Later when that tactic failed to rouse me from the comfort of my bed she'd pull off my covers; that always worked!

Then as a young adult and old enough to par-tee I would be out all night, sleep for a few hours and then go to work. Oh, those were the days. I don't remember feeling all that tired after those nights.The only down side I can remember was having a hangover to two. And if I didn't go out, I could sleep forever- the advantages of youth right?

Oh, but the kids came and I was tired all the time, I would call it.... perpetual exhaustion. Five kids does that to a person. Mix that with a husband who worked shifts around the clock and you can bet as soon as I put the kids down, my head hit the pillow. Getting up and down all night for feeding and diapers, hugs and illness, nightmares, monsters, peeing and boo boo's.....did I forget anything?As the kids grew and then my husband retired, I finally started to sleep. My husband whose a morning person started to let me sleep in and believe me it was heaven. Eight blissful hours of sleep for days on end. I must admit I really got spoiled because of the whole morning person thing. I must admit I might have taken advantage of that fact just a teensy bit- well more then just a teensy bit!

somebody's getting sleep in
my bed!
Now I'm fifty-two and I cannot remember the last time I slept a complete night. Ugh! This is driving me crazy. It's been said it happens to women my age that we either have trouble falling asleep of difficulty staying asleep. I can seriously vouch for that! I believe on a good night I get four hours without disturbance! Then for the rest of the night I toss and turn and toss some more; I can tell you it's just terrible. I have cousins that take Ambien, but I hate to go there. Sleeping pills worry me, addiction worries the heck out of me.

Maybe it's just the stubborn Irish woman in me hoping that one of these days this problem will just settle down and I'll start to sleep again. Hubris of the not young and very tired!

Can you relate to any of this? Or am I just a so sleep deprived that I actually think I'm the only one?

Misery loves company ya know! So tell me what's going on in your bedroom, but keep it G rated.


  1. I am still at the point of perpetual exhaustion. Seriously I can sleep anytime, anywhere...

    I am loving your new look!

  2. Even when I'm exhausted I don't sleep well. Can you here me yawn?

    And about the blog changes.... thought I'd spruce up the place.

    I could never keep just one look, I need a change every once in a while.

  3. I often have problems falling asleep, though I'm also in my 20s and constantly feel exhausted, so I'm already jealous of you!

  4. Sleeping...for me it all has to do with room temperature and the snorer beside me...I used to leave the room and curl up on the sofa..no more...I'm 62 as of yesterday and I own the world now...oops getting carried away. Oh I don't know...yeah I'm a guy but I was brought up by Mom and my Nanny as in Grandmother so I witnessed their feminine travails. PS thanks for joining Sophie's world she' all tickled pink!

  5. It takes me a lot of tossing to fall asleep now too, and the house has to be really cold. I can't sleep if it's tasty at all. I'll be miserable!
    Also, I can't stand any noise. If someone is snoring next to me, I might as well get up and go watch tv.

    I feel your pain!

  6. That would be toasty, not tasty. Ahem. (I'm eating pretzels right now. I guess I was thinking about their yumminess.)

  7. Well, I'm 37 and still have little ones who wake in the night - but when Mr. Kiss is home {he travels during the week for work} I take Advil PM if I'm having a rough time falling asleep. I take advil daily, anyway - getting old blows...It's the only thing that doesn't make me feel groggy in the morning. I think it's got something like benedryl in it. Anyway - just sharing. Happy New Year.

  8. Fred sometimes ask me if I'm tired. My standard reply is, "I'm always tired". It's true, I am always tired but I still manage to get through the day. Keeping moving or you die. That's my motto.
    Perhaps if you exercised more during the day, your body would force itself to stay sleeping.

  9. Oh, no! So you're telling me I'm probably NEVER gonna sleep again?! It can't be! Hope you get some shut eye soon.

  10. I only have one child, but she stopped napping at age 2 1/2 and she has 5x more energy than I do! I also work part-time and often from home, juggling her distractions and needs. I am always tired! I hope one day I will feel rested again. Now you have me really worried! I wish you peaceful sleep again very soon.

  11. Call me nutty Julie but I remember those days fondly!

    Hubby and I got a new mattress since I wrote this post, its has helped a bit and every little bit helps!

  12. We should talk! I'll be up at 2:30 am if you need an ear! Great post

  13. Hope you get some sleep! Melatonin and sleepy time tea do the trick for me :)


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