May 3, 2011

after my fall- what's a gal to do?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on this blog about how when we were on vacation at the beach and I fell down the stairs- read here WE DUCKED DOWN TO THE BEACH for that pleasant little story.

Little did I know how much trouble that fall would cause me at the time I considered myself lucky after all I was just bruised and I didn't break a thing. Two blisters developed on the back of my leg below the calf but above the ankle  from the pressure of my leg rubbing on the wooden step in the process of the fall. Needless to say the bruises below healed with time but those blisters got bigger and then they broke and that my friends is when the infection set in and thus my trouble began.

To my disappointment my doctor was on vacation and I had to see a substitute doctor, he didn't exactly inspire confidence in me and told me the bare minimum, I had an infected wound and he gave me a prescription for antibiotics. Further complicating things I am allergic to penicillin and that is always the medication of choice with bacterial infections. I knew I had cellulites although he didn't mention it.  I'd seen it before I was familiar with that redness, the heat, the swelling; my infected wound was surrounded by what I had come to understand as an army of white blood cells trying to fight off my infection.

I have never been a slow healer, nor am I a diabetic but these blisters are far from healed and still infected even though I've had them for almost a month. My doctor is back from vacation so I of course went right back to him concerned about all the redness and yuckiness going on-still. He was not pleased at the passive way in which the other doctor treated me- choice and quantity of antibiotics- no topical antibiotics given either . So now I have to take 2000 milligrams of antibiotics per day, plus I am to apply a stronger- prescription cream, better then the over the counter one I had taken upon myself to use.

If by Monday it hasn't clear up substantially when he calls me then I'll have to go on IV antibiotics. This should be something since I live in a rather rural area and will require some type of home nursing service for that.  I'm quite confident that my insurance policy is a good one so I'm not at all worried that it will be covered. I am however more worried about the availability of a provider to come to the house given my location .

This whole thing just seems so ridiculous don't you think? I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried; all for a couple of blisters!


  1. Hope everything gets better real soon and that the treatment procedure at home is doable. Prayers are being said for your speedy recovery. Love you all. Aunt Genevieve

  2. And here I was thinking I was such a lucky duck that I got away without breaking my neck!! Thanks for the prayers Aunt Gen. Love you too...


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