May 26, 2011

my legs a pain in the ass

About two months ago I took a fall while at the beach on vacation. Really I went ass over tea kettle down the stairs of our condo. Really it was mostly ass but we won't go there. Anyway my leg was really bruised; my leg slipped out from underneath me and scraped against the stair with such friction I developed two blisters on the back. These two blisters have really turned out to be a a real pain in said ass for lack of a better expression. They broke, they developed an infection and the infection and the resulting wound doesn't seem to want to heal.

I am finishing my third course of antibiotics ( he's tried traditional and sulfa ) and it's still not close to being healed. I'm going back to the doctor on Monday and I'd love to hear if anyone has any ideas about what I should do. It should be said I do not have diabetes and I have never had a healing issue before nor have I ever abused antibiotics. Also he tested me for MRSA and  regular staff and they were negative, fungus test is pending. I would love to hear if anyone has any herbal or other home remedies or conventional medical advice.

Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  1. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your wonderful comment! :)

    Your fall sounds real bad. There is a product we use that seems to work really well for a lot (and having 2 dare-devil kids we need to buy it by the gallon haha) but its only available thru the catalog. Its Melagel and Triple Antibiotic Ointment (actually 2 things). Its not like anything I've found in the stores. But you could try tea tree oil available probably at all health food stores. Although I have no idea of the quality they have. I use it for practically everything, we get so bad with mosquito bites that I always have the Melagel on hand (has tea tree oil in it) and it is a guaranteed high quality tea tree oil.

    I hope you get well very soon!


  2. I swear Michelle I am pulling my hair out.This thing is really yucky looking rather like a bedsore or a diabetic ulcer; you'd never guess by looking at it it's origins were a couple of blisters.

    He gave me antibiotic ointment which I filled at the pharmacy. I'm on my second tube- some help that has been!

    I will gladly give the stuff you suggested a try.

    Thanks for help!

  3. Michelle, Just ordered Melagel on eBay say a prayer that it works...


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