May 20, 2011

-from my garden- who says tiny is bad?

plants are full of small fruit and lots of flowers
My cousins JM and Hans from Charlotte swung by to visit with us and Mom on the return leg of their ( visiting family and friends) vaca/trip. We had a wonderful dinner followed by desert and then we watched the Kings Speech,   ( great movie by the way).

Anyway its always nice spending time with my cousins even if its only one night before they have to head on their way back to Charlotte. If you read this blog regularly you'll find my husband and I have a lot of regular company of the cousin kind- our family is quite close. We also are not opposed to road trips to their houses either...

These particular cousins who were here yesterday love tomatoes. They  enjoyed inspecting  seeing my garden; and although they were way too early for real  heart of the harvest time when we have an over abundance of veggies- they know we'll probably visit them some time in July with a care package for them .

What was funny and a bit of a co-inkidinkie was that before they arrived we were checking the plants, we found our first two tomatoes and saved them for Hans, he REALLY loves tomatoes. See below.

our two first cherry tomatoes
Tiny little suckers- but believe me Hans popped those babies in his mouth before heading out this morning! 

I also wanted to show you the wonderful asparagus and strawberries that we were given by two different neighbors- the perks of living in a rural community! 

the blessings of wonderful neighbors

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