May 17, 2011

music and memories

My I-Pod is filled with all sorts of music, pretty much everything except rap       ( well one rap song ) I love all music. Different music from different times in my life, my youth, my teen years, high school, songs I like currently; these songs are a musical memory for me.  We don't get to go to concerts very often; to see a band or an artist that you like or admire in person can't be beat.

Amos Lee
The other night my husband and I met our son up in Richmond to go to a concert at The National; its a beautiful venue- a theater of old that fits about 1,500 concert goers per show. One of our favorite's was doing a show there; have you heard of Amos Lee? He does a great show, plays a great guitar- actually he plays many different guitars during the show. If you haven't ever listened to his music I would suggest you give it a try. He has a wonderful voice, kind of bluesy very soulful, and he can at times be very spiritual with his lyrics.

The National- Richmond

Of course my first concert was my most memorable-  I thought I was the coolest. My best friend from grammar school's mother dropped us off at the Nassau Colosseum to see Alice Cooper, I think we were all of 13 years old at the time. Oh my gosh!! He was so gross and he threw dolls with their heads ripped off ( remember the song Dead Babies? ) he sang it with a snake wrapped around his neck. Two young girls out to a concert and we just didn't have a clue. Apparently neither did our parents or we would have not been allowed to go in the first place.

But somehow I remember feeling so grown up  being allowed to go without someone older to watch over us. Then there was the smoking and it wasn't on cigarettes being smoked if you get my drift. Our first taste of freedom even if it was completely tasteless- cool and memorable but tasteless.

Things have changed at concerts now a days- no smoking of any kind- but there are bars for beers and cocktails. It seems much more civilized and maybe that's just because I'm seeing it thru my over fifty eyes.

In any case, I've seen a few decent bands. Surely not as many as my brother Gerard- but he's a freak; I know he's seen Amos Lee at least five times.  I did fit in a few concerts before I got married, and have gotten to go to a few with my husband or my son.

In no particular order here are some of the shows I've seen; the best and most memorable clearly was Paul McCartney; that I did with my older brother Paul before he moved to Hawaii.  Here are the ones I remember- Alice Cooper,The Beach Boys, Paul McCartney & Wings, Black Sabbath, The Steve Miller Band, The Moody Blues, Robert Palmer, Linda Ronstadt, Loggins & Messina and Alice in Chains. There are more I think alas as I am writing this post the memory fails.

What was your first concert when you were a kid? Did you have a favorite band  or artist you like to go see? Or do you now? If so do share...


  1. We haven't been to many concerts in recent years - but this summer we're seeing Eric Clapton, k d lang ... and ... James Taylor.

    Ah. Sweet Baby James, upon whom I cut my musical teeth, so to speak. As thirteen year-olds, we used to loll around in my friend's bedroom, listening to James Taylor and drooling over his picture on the cover of the album.


  2. love love love james taylor,I have many of his songs on my I-pod. He was in Richmond last year but wasn't crazy with the place he was doing the concert (the seats are just so squished into the place)so we decided not to go.

  3. I love Moody Blues. I saw them in concert when I lived in London as a teacher. The Beach Boys always make me feel like I'm on vacation at the beach, but I haven't seen them in concert. Paul McCartney is great; haven't seen him either. I forgot all about Robert Palmer, "Might as well face it; you're addicted to love." Wow, it's been years...

  4. My first concert was Duran Duran. lol I've also seen The Monkees, Wham!, Sting (a few times), Billy Joel, Jason Mraz, and I know I'm forgetting a few. We see concerts at the Hollywood Bowl every summer. It's so much fun!

  5. Boy troismommy I do believe i may have been crushin on a Monkee or two in my younger day's! They sure were fun weren't they?


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