May 4, 2011

keep your thinking cap on mr president

The President of The United States went on TV a few nights ago and stated that bin Laden is dead. Since then it's been reported widely in the press that they used DNA from his family members to confirm his identity and visual as well as other means of identifying him before his burial at sea.

Not long after a statement by Leon Panetta was released that our government had considered releasing their pictures of his dead body to convince those who don't believe he's dead that he is. Or better said to publicly confirm his death for the world to see. Personally I think those people who don't believe it won't be convinced if they aren't already. And I hoped beyond hope that the President would reject it.

I had to ask myself what was the point is for their release; these pictures would be cause to enrage some and just fan the flames of all manner of conspiracy theory as to their authenticity. I know there are many who thrive on conspiracy theories about all manner of subjects especially when it comes to the honesty of our government.I am also convinced that those who engage in this type of behavior are usually not going to be convinced to change their minds when given facts, they believe in conspiracies after all.

We have to consider that there are other governments of our world who have a less than friendly view of the American government and hate Americans, others who don't like our government but like American's. And of course the terrorist and those who sympathize with their cause, we know who they are, nuff said. Would  we really be convincing anyone serving a cause by their release? I seriously doubt it.

I don't know about you but rarely am I convinced to change my mind. I form a decision and that's all she wrote, I'm rather decisive about most things. When the news reported that a US Navy Seal team had found and killed Osama bin Laden I didn't have a doubt. I believe he's dead and I personally believe the release of these pictures would have been a bad move and rather barbaric display an un-American action driven by un-pure motives.  It's time to move on, continue fight the war on terror and most importantly we need to support our troops while doing this.

Over the course of composing this post the President has made his decision that the photo's won't be released and touted as trophies. Way to go Mr President right decision, that thinking cap is working I see!

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