May 22, 2011

cleaning house

I'd like one please!
This is what I would like to know. How is it that I live in a house with one other person and it always feels like I can never keep up with the cleaning? We are actually clean people...really we are. I used to have five kids in the house and I didn't need a cleaning lady then, but it sure feels like I wouldn't mind one now!

We don't even use two of the bedrooms unless one of the kids, the grandkids or company comes so its not like there's a lot to do but the cleaning just seems endless. Dusting, vacuuming, washing floors, two bathrooms, windows, dishes (no dishwasher!) laundry, beds, cleaning cat hair, it seems endless.

We have a large piece of property so this time of year my hubby spend many hours on the riding mower doing the grass.  Acres and acres of ours and Moms property needs tending to usually twice weekly so the time he would normally spend helping in the house is reduced. We share the vegetable garden duties though!

I will say he's wonderful, he does do quite a bit of grilling which is a big help since I do all the cooking usually all other times of the year. Ordering out isn't exactly an easy proposition here in the hinterlands. And Mom lives next door so I cook dinner for her every day unless we're out and about.

All and all though there are a few things that I really hate to do of the housework variety- I won't fill ice trays for the freezer although I drink plenty of tea and am the user of all the ice in the house. And if I can get away with not having to mop the floor in the kitchen, laundry room I am a happy woman. I'm the only one who will but I hate- hate- hate- cleaning the refrigerators; it is the most horrible thing any person has to do as far as I'm concerned.

Ok gals and guys out there who read this blog. Do you have a housekeeper? Do you do it yourself?  Lets here what you like or dislike about house work in your house. Is there anything you just hate?


  1. I hate cleaning bathrooms, but my husband will do the toilets and my daughter will do the sinks and tubs (she's 6 and of course for those concerned, natural cleaners) and my son will clean the counters, well, play around the sinks so I have to go in and wipe up everyday. (He's 3) What a wonderful family! :) Uh oh, guess who's in the bathroom right now, time to go and wipe up the counters. *giggles*

  2. Oh the day's Michelle, my daughters melodious voices screeching from the bathroom as they cleaned it. They hated it too!
    Of course the alternative - mowing the endless lawn would have been horrible- nobody could here them complain over the noise of the mower LOL!

  3. What I hate the most is cleaning toilets, but now that my kids are older, I've passed that chore on to them. I can't believe you don't have a dishwasher. That was another thing I didn't like having: crinkled hands!

  4. The guy who we purchased our house from hand built our cabinets. They are weird sizes and widths so I would mess up my whole kitchen putting one in. I've often thought maybe one of those under the sink ones might work! Who knows maybe some day. Just call me old lady hands *laugh laugh* in the mean time.

  5. I posted a comment this morning that was practically a book and it disappeared. Pet peeve is cleaning the toilets. Dont mop when John is back in Hawaii, and dont dust. I used to clean the floors on hands and knees - this was wayyyy back in the day - but now, when he is gone, I really dont care. I still make the bed, do the dishes ( I have a dishwasher but only use it twice a week ) and little stuff but if dust bunnies are breeding under my couch, I could really care less. I do clean up before he comes home....oh well.
    Stryker is after the Army vehicle...I have two sons in law who are Army and its a good name..he is fast ( or will be eventually ) powerful and quiet.

  6. bearlythr,

    I really don't mind cleaning it just seems lately as if i'm meeting myself coming and going. Not sure if its the heat or if I'm just running out of steam. That's polite southern for "getting older!"
    Sorry about your post- will check my spam folder although I doubt its there!

  7. I hate, hate, hate housework of any kind. I have now hired someone to come every three weeks to do general cleaning, I still do the fridge (although I hate to do it). And I even live alone and it still gets messy. Always said I did not have enough rooms to place things but when I think about it, if I had more room there would be that much more to clean. What I need is a few million so I can hire a daily staff (but I still would like to do the cooking). Oh weel, I still have my dreams.

    Love, Aunt Genevieve


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