February 13, 2012

I was given two awards! Surprise, I'm giving one to you!

Two awards in one week! I'm feeling very honored so I thought I'd just spread the love all at once...read on!
Blog awards are so cool! So the other day when I went over to Jenn & Casey's blog
SO THIS IS LOVE to see what was going on and do my daily reading and guess what I found? I found an award with my name on it, how cool is that?!  As great as these things are there are a few housekeeping things, rules that need to be taken care of while basking of course!                                        

The Rules for The Versatile Blogger Award
1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

So, I'd like to thank Jenn and Casey who are so much fun and have a super cool blog for their kindness which I happily accept. You should go visit them I'm sure you'll agree with me.
Now before I share the love with some of my new blog friends,  I have to share 7 things about myself.
  1. Did you play school or vet or mom maybe teacher when growing up? Not me I played Nun. On the beach of all places; a bit of wet hair and a beach towel and you could be Sister Jennifer Lynn. I won't name names but I wasn't alone Sister Mary Frances!
  2. My first kiss….the slide at the school, third grade, Michael Martini pinned me down and kissed me on the..... hey this chick doesn't kiss and tell.
  3. I love beer, I don’t abuse it, but if I had to pick my favorite type of beer I’d have to say I’m partial to Lagers
  4. Every month during my pregnancies I craved different things, for example I had a, watermelon month, bagels month, potatoes, hot fudge sundaes, strawberries. That potato month was a bitch…. I gained ten pounds.
  5.  The little corns in Chinese food gross me out, there about the only thing on the plant I won’t eat; they look like little alien vegies! Beam them up Scottie.
  6. Neither of my natural children shares my eye color, brown. Eric had blue, Matthew’s eyes are hazel. Ok so I’m a tiny bit vain don’t you want your kids to look like you?
  7. Until three years ago I had never in my life had a female doctor. I know weird huh!
I am happy to pass the Versatile Blogger Award along to these blogs, enjoy ladies and gents.

The Rules For The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

And because my blog friends are so AWESOME I have been given another award by my new friend Pixie over at PurrPause. This blog award is especially sweet hee hee! And I want to thank Pixie for being so sweet and generous. 

Now I must do two things. Tell my readers 7 things you might not already know about me. Then I get to pass this lovely and sweet award on to 10 of my blog friends. 

  1. When I got my first computer I didn’t have a clue how to type. Oh I could look at the keys but that seemed like cheating soooo I sent away for a Mavis Beacon CD and learned how to type. I know I’m a dork!
  2. Kids now a day have cell phones to communicate with their friends- expensive no?When I was a kid my friend and neighbor Mary ( Sister Mary to you) and I talked to each all the time, we didn’t even use the telephone however we used, two Campbell’s soup cans with a string attached strung from her room to mine across the yard.
  3. I don’t put milk or sugar in my hot beverages; I drink my coffee and tea black. I actually drink my ice tea without sugar which is contrary to the southern way- which is the only way- sweet. 
  4.  I think ice cube trays were invented by the devil, I don't have an ice-maker and I hate filling them.
  5. I have a pet cemetery out in our back yard. I placed it within a reasonable distance from our vegetable garden so that I can visit with them when I’m out there. They each have their own grave-markers with their names and dates. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats out there.
  6. When I gave birth to my son Matthew my doctor told me he was going to attach a red zipper to my C-section; joking right? Then in noticed the custodians kept on mopping the floor over and over outside my hospital room trying to get a peek every time the nurse checked my bandage…sure enough there it was, a red zipper attached with two stitches over my incision.
  7.  I sleep in the right side of the bed, two pillows-soft- never feathers.
I am happy to pass along this Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award to ten blogger friends.
Enjoy it people and dog!

I enjoy reading each and every one of your blogs, enjoy both awards I think you deserve them because you all rock in my book!


  1. Yea what is up with those mini corn? I don't eat them either.
    Unless they can be washed down with beer ;)
    Congrats on the awards!! You so deserve the lovin

    1. Yuck, thinking about them make me gag!
      Now beer's another story, yum...

  2. Jen, thanks so much for the award! I can't wait until I can get home to blog!

  3. Thank you! Cute about the baby corn. They are gross to look at. Do you remember the movie Big with Tom Hanks when he ate one like it was a regular piece of corn. Between that and him eating a mouth full of caviar...well yuck but funny. I don't have an ice maker either. And I REALLY hate filling ice trays. I bought some neat ones from Bed Bath and Beyond but the thrill was gone after one fill. Why does the water leak out from the sink to the fridge? Whhhhyyyy?

    1. You are so very welcome, your are an awesome writer. I just have my husband do the ice cubes although I'm the one who uses all the ice! What's the deal with the corn and my blog readers???

  4. Took me 3 tries to get a baby that actually looked like me! not vain at all - LOL
    I cannot believe the doctor actually stitched a zipper - that is hilarious!
    thanks so much for the award - very sweet of you - I love pie. although, quite partial to beer myself - especially a good lager!

    1. It was my pleasure to share it with you Rory. I've been enjoying your blog ever since I was introduced to it thru Melissa's blog MaMe Musings. Enjoy and hey maybe even have a beer to celebrate.

  5. Look at all those things you listed. I never knew you were such a freak! You should warn people when they start Following you, you know!
    I can't believe that I'm getting an award where I'm called "sweet". Are you sure you didn't type my blog's name by mistake. I certainly understand if that's the case.
    I love the award! I will post it eventually. Is is okay if I don't forward it on though? Thanks Jen!

    1. I totally understand how time consuming it is to pass it along so don't if it's to much with all that's going on with your family. I wanted you to have it regardless.
      I love the new picture btw, is that the new camera?

  6. Thanks so much Jen! What a treat!
    I'm with Mark about making my own rules with awards. I will definitely post it and give some linky love back to your blog, I will even tell things about myself but beyond that I usually just offer awards to all my readers instead of tagging. Is that ok?
    Love your answers! I'm Sister Martha and love beer too - we're such naughty nuns ;)

    1. Absolutely Martha. Do your own thing... whatever feels right! It's an award,it's to be enjoyed not something that's intended to be a burden, have some fun with it and your welcome.

  7. I am so with you on the ice trays. It is such a pain in the butt. That's funny that your cravings changed month by month! I had a mashed potato craving with my first, but it stuck the whole way through.

    Yay for your awards!

    1. Thanks Liz,
      The ice machine that sounded like a bomb was going off in my house or the trays from hell its a rough life! LOL

  8. Thanks, Jen! Appreciate the blog lovin' ;) and PS...I love the baby corn. Chomp, chomp!

  9. Thank you, I will try to follow through once I get settle back in Mo.

    1. You're welcome, heaven knows these things are work...look at this post. Just enjoy the award and don't worry about the rest:)

  10. Thank you Jen I appreciate the blog loving :o) Very kind of you to award me

    1. So welcome! No rush on passing it on I know you've been busy..


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