February 7, 2012

I'm ticked off

So I've kept it to myself but I haven't been feeling all that well lately. Yesterday I broke down and went to the doctor. Pain is a great motivator. Joint pain for lack of a better way to describe it is a bitch.

Pain in my knees, shoulders, collarbones, pelvis and hips and they all hurt like the blazes. And then there's my neck which aches and is rather on the stiff side with just a touch of a headache that's dull and nagging.

Did I mention the rash I have under my arm? Been there for four weeks! Just kinda there not doing much, not itching or scratching just there.

My doctor thinks this little bug which can pass a bacteria into your body when it bites is the cause of all of my yuckiness! Ugh! Lymes Disease.
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Blood test are pending, I don't even want to think what it could be if it isn't Lymes Disease. There are many other not so great condition's that share these symptoms; not all that encouraging; Lupus, Fibromyalgia, some cancers or infections.  He has me on something for the inflammation, it's heaven not to be in all that pain. Now I wait for the results....

The cats have been banned from the bedroom for the duration, probably not a bad idea anyway. Will keep you posted on this drama as it unfolds.


  1. Oh MAN. That's a bummer :( I hope the meds help, and that it isn't anything even worse :( You're in my thoughts!!!

  2. Oh no! I hope not Lymes! It totally stinks that you've been dealing with this for so long.

  3. That's horrible. Let's hope it's something simple that goes away quickly.

  4. Adding you to my prayer list sister....I can't do much but He certainly can.

    1. Thanks friend, prayers will help this I know in my heart.

  5. Oh no! What kind of climate are you in. I thought tics were a summer worry? :-( My son and I just walked through an area yesterday where there are tic warning signs. We haven't exactly had a "cold" winter. Now you've got me itching and wondering if something hurts. But seriously, I hope whatever it is, it gets fixed quickly for you. Stinkin' bugs.

  6. Oh no! I will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you are on the road to wellness soon. And thanks for your comment today, you are always so sweet and supportive.

  7. Jen, I'm really hoping it's not the Lymes. Please feel better soon.

  8. Hate to hear stuff like this...we have fleas up this way but they aren't as lethal as yours...I add thoug, Lyme Disease has reached our province so we are ever so vigilant. Fingers "major league" crossed for you!!


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