February 24, 2012

the scoop- a bunch of randomness

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, you know how it is life gets in the way. I had a boomer of a migraine since my last post. I usually get about one a month but this weather has been so crazy it's been a trigger for more than my usual. My doctor who has worked with me for years to get me to a minimum of headaches joked saying he wanted to bottle me because he's been pleased with my headache health. Anyhoo...this one sent me back to bed and believe you me I haven't done that in years. We had originally planned on starting our painting adventure but add some paint fumes to a horrid migraine and my head probably would have exploded all over the living room.

On Saturday, dragging my ass literally with a headache hangover I removed all the crap from the walls and removed every bit of china and all those neat glasses with the gold from my parents old mid century modern break-front and Bill painted from behind the fridge thru under the balcony. The green is so yummy and although bright it is so serene compared to the yellow that was up before. We've decided not to put the break-front back, I think I'm gonna sell it on Craig's List along with some of the china. Mom gave me the OK to sell the furniture since she and. Dad purchased the piece back in the late 60's maybe early 70's then for about $125.00. Don't know what I'll get for it now but we can't put it in the garage, it's already overflowing with stuff.

there two drawers and the two pieces of sliding glass too!
I confess I have a lot of stuff, I have a huge side board filled to the brim with stuff too, 30+ years of china and glasses and tea sets and things people give me, two sets of silver because heck one isn't enough when you have a family of seven and it's a service of eight! Your not a hoarder if it's stored neatly are you? Because I've had this china for years and I've never used it once? To be honest we inherited these beautiful dishes (some dinner plates are missing from the set) so that kinda makes them rather lacking in function but I hate to part with them for the sentimental value.I think it's time however to see what I can do about selling them.

nice huh?
Now I don't give a darn if I have to stick these babies to the ceiling and space is lacking in my side board but I'm not getting rid of these glasses. I love these things! Bill's uncle left them to us, my parents had ones like this too, all gold and glittery in every different size, stemmed and tall glasses too. How'd ya like to sip your Shirley Temple outa one of these babies?

Today we took Mom shopping and then to lunch, it's Friday so it's fish today, being Lent and all! We had fantastic little shrimp baskets at a local restaurant before hitting the market. Mom was happy to get out of the house and cold weather is not her friend. Remember just the other day when I posted pictures of our first snow? first-snow Today here in Virginia it was 80 degrees, unbelievable and what can only be described as tornado weather.

Oh crap, the thunder is starting to rumble outside now so I better rap this up before we loose power, that's been known to happen here!


  1. I'm so sorry that the migraines were kicking your butt :(
    We've inherited a lot of china too. I'm the oldest of 5 and the first grandchild so you know how that goes. It was all stored at my parents. The day I moved out, it was like they were waiting for that moment...had those babies boxed and ready to go.
    Now that we have the Chunky Monkey....they're in hiding ;)
    Hope you start feeling better soon!!

    1. Headache much better thanks!

      I have an idea!

      Maybe I should just put this china in a box and put my daughters name on it and have her get rid of it some day after i'm gone!

      That seems to be what everyone else does with their china, they just pass it to someone else like a hot potato!

  2. I love those dishes! I like them a lot better than the 12 sets I recently inherited from my mother - mine will all eventually go too once I get through all the stuff and know what to keep, give away and sell. I still can't believe how much stuff my mother had. It's literally going to take me years to get through it all!!
    Hope this weekend finds you headache and storm free :)

  3. The weather is crazy. I have a friend who gets bad headaches when the weather is as unpredictable as it has been the last few days. Only in the south can it snow and be 80 two days later!

  4. Ugghh migraines are the worst! Glad you're feeling better now, Jen, and I hope the weather stops provoking them!!

  5. I love the dishes! And I hope that your migraine stays FAR FAR FAR away. I hate them.


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