February 18, 2012

Photo Day- birds of a feather feed together

You know me if the sun's shining and the weather's nice, I'm going to be out there with my camera.

The cats were having a great time lazing around in the yard taking dust baths, I sometimes think they think they are birds.

The birds were in the feeders and pretty hungry today. I have to wonder whether that's a sign of the weather to come. Many of them are pretty skidish of me with the camera and wouldn't even go to the feeder with me on the steps or deck, but I did get a few shots.

So like every other person in our area, Bill went out to the grocery store today and picked up a few things in case the weather turns. They're saying 2-4 inches for our area, I'm ready, there will be soup ( comfort food is a must ) tomorrow whether the rain stays rain or turns into snow. Frankly sixty degree weather is wacky so I guess snow would actually be normal!

Talk about the luck of the Irish! This gorgeous little woodpecker decided to raid our feeder as I was out with my camera today. Isn't he/she just wonderful? Nor very large as woodpeckers go but bursting with character and color and pattern. I gather he decided to fill his belly before the impending storm as well. 

He's really to big for the feeder however so he hangs on and picks the feed out with his long beak. We must have a nest in one of our large trees because this one is a daily visitor. We have bigger ones too I can here them tap- tap- tapping on the trees during the day when the windows are open.

I guess we should be happy for the weather coming to our town soon, we can probably use the precipitation. Bill just came in and said the next door neighbor just set a grass fire, by accident. Not good! Thank goodness they were able to put it out without anyone being hurt or any property damage. Bill had the phone in his hand and was about to call 911 but thank the Lord it wasn't necessary.

That's all for now folks.
Enjoy the photo's!


  1. I can't wait for my little feathered friends to return. When the hurricane came last year, they took off and left me and never came back. :(

    I just saw a few finches the other day so I have hope they're on their way home now.

    Love your photos!

  2. The teacher who worked across the hall from me, was a fantastic gardener & bird lover, to the extent she had her second graders research different species local to our area. It was amazing watching those little faces get so excited about their backyard. I guess that's exactly what I thought when I saw your photos: That wide eyed excitement!

    1. I think my cats get that look too! Although you wouldn't have gotten that idea by Cheetah lounging under the bush yesterday :)

  3. As always...beautiful pictures.

    That woodpecker is amazing. Cute kitty too.

    I'm nervous that our strange weather is a sign of something...

    1. Thanks Gina, Your my biggest fan!
      Yesterday my windows were open now as I write it's snowing; go figure!

  4. Funny story. We have squirrels. They love eating out of the feeder. Shawn built this contraption to keep them out. So he spent a good hour or two...put the feeder up...only to find out that the plastic tubing part that holds the feed was missing. Can't find it. So we have a non-functional feeder in our yard looking all sad and lonely

    1. I must have all your birds in my yard now! Squirrels are little troublesome rats with tails aren't they?

  5. Love the pictures! You have an eye for detail.

    Yesterday was beautiful here. Today--a wet, cold rain! Hopefully, you have some better weather just north of us!


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