February 16, 2012

The scoop, what's on my mind today

Gosh today is one yucky day, and I'm not only talking about how I'm feeling but I'm talking about the weather too! Mine started off with one zinger of a migraine, I hate waking up with them, that's the way it goes with me.  I always awaken with them. Then I was off to the doctor for some answers about the sudden onset of that joint pain that started two weeks ago. Well, if you missed it it wasn't Lyme's Disease, good news. My full blood panel came back normal, I'm normal, go figure! Seriously, all levels all organs working as they should and the pee in the cup tests wasn't any more humiliating then it normally is....., more good news. So we're left with the answer; why did Jen have such bad joint pain that made her run to the doctor like a little cowering weenie? And I'm not a little cowering weenie! My doctor's answer is, he doesn't have an answer at least not from any of the tests results! Do I have a condition like arthritis...maybe but that would just be guessing and I don't go to my doctor to guess. Can my joint pain be a symptom of another condition, maybe maybe not! So for now we are both just content to watch and wait.

After the doctor we went to Denny's for a late breakfast, last time we went there the service had a lot to be desired, but we were starving and Mom's a diabetic and she wanted egg's so, Mom rules. Anyway as we waited to be served this lady went up to the register to pay her bill and very loudly yelled at the girl about how long she waited, how bad the food was, how cold the food was, how bad the service was, she thought the bill was incorrect and so on. I really don't know if any of her complaints were warranted but it kind of struck me as this kid behind the counter cowered as this rather large loud woman screamed at her that there's a difference between lodging an appropriate complaint for bad or incompetent service and then there just plain bitching for the sake of being mean. I'm all for the former, the latter is wholly inappropriate, enough said!

Have I mentioned that Bill and I have decided to paint our great room? Last week we went to Home Depot and got a bunch of those little sample paints and put them up all over the wall to see how they looked on the wall at different points of the day.We have windows on the east, south and west so there's lots of sun that affects the color at various points of the day. The color we have now is sort of a maize color, anyway I really really wanted a color in the orange family but it just wasn't going to work in such a large space (living, dining, kitchen and balcony), its just to much color. We also picked a bunch of different bright and fresh greens so that's what we're going with a color called grass something or other.We really like color and are not afraid to use it. I'll put before and after pictures once we get going on the painting, most likely after this weekend.


  1. Random joint pain? Weird. I had that once. All my joints started to swell, too. Turns out I had some parovirus that can pop up after a bad cold (at least that's what the ER doctor claimed). Never has happened again.

    Can't wait to see the paint!

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    1. Me too! I swear Angela my wall looks like a patch work quilt..that's the only way to find the right color for the room.

  3. Don't you hate that? When you get all sorts of tests and they can't come up with a reason? Well I suppose it is a blessing but sometimes (like in my case with the GD gallbladder issues) it can be..sucky...is that a word?
    i can't wait to see the paint!

  4. The unreasonable part of me wants to hunt down someone with a weapon until they give me a satisfactory answer, sucky is a perfect word!

  5. Doctors are quickly finding their place at the same levels as attorneys with me lately - bottom feeders!! The only way you will get a diagnosis is by searching all your symptoms yourself on the internet and then presenting the doctor with your own diagnosis. If everything fits they will treat you for it. Without that or something that shows up in blood work we're out of luck, unless it's something we can fix with general diet and fitness - more often than not I truly believe we can fix things ourselves if we are willing to do the work.


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