February 28, 2012

it's the worst feeling

I'm not sure how it is that I missed last weeks link up but I think I found a pretty neat quote from Mark Twain  to contribute for this weeks link up.

To be perfectly honest there was a period in my life when I felt intense personal loneliness especially after my kids accident when I was plagued with terrible self doubt. On a lighter note, I think everyone of us has gone through periods when we just feel like our skin just quite doesn't fit... my teenage years come to mind!

What about you?

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  1. Totally agree. Everyone goes through times where they just don't feel quite like what they think they should. It's hard to get through those times and move on. But once I do move on from those struggles, I find time and time again that the best is still to come.

    Thanks for sharing that inspiring quote!

  2. I can definitely relate to this quote. Depression leaves those suffering feeling terribly lonely. Great choice.

  3. Moving here to the mountains and being on my own for extended periods of time was a challenge, to say the least. It was the first time in my life that I wasn't living the daily wife/mother role and just living with me....I really didn't know if I could do it.
    God is good....I was never really alone.

  4. We seem to have a common theme this week! Thanks so much for linking up, I think this is a fantastic quote!

  5. This is so true and I wish someone had shared this Quote with me in my early 20s, it would of saved me alot of time. :)

  6. It's my kids that keep me from going insane. When they are with my Mom, I'm a complete mess. That's too much time on my hands to think.

  7. There was another quote, unfortunately I don't remember who said it, "no matter how bad or good the time is it will change. "

  8. Thanks for your comments everyone! This is part of the human experience isn't it? I appreciate that you all stopped and shared yours with us.

  9. Last year.
    Yup. Every single day of it.
    It seems like the depression part...well the whole part of bipolar...really seperated me from everyone. I had to find my way back to myself...and there were times when I didn't want to go searching
    This quote resonates with me.

  10. As much as I probably wished growing up that I had brothers and sisters, I think one of the great things about being an only child is that you tend to become very comfortable and intune with yourself. You learn to love your own company, because you don't have anyone else to share it with often. Or else, somehow, somewhere along the way, I turned any loneliness I felt into a strength. I know I am so forutnate to have always felt comfortable in my own skin.


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