April 3, 2013

A-Z 2013 the letter C

Who do you envision when you think of the word courage?

Maybe for you its a soldier, a police officer, advocates of civil rights or the local volunteer in your community? For everyone it's different that's what's so interesting about this subject; the stories of the people we see as courageous are as diverse as the people.

COURAGE: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Do you think courage can come in small packages?

Here's a true story of something that happened to my grandson when he was in first grade. I proves you don't have to be a grown up to have courage; my "c" word.

The call came from my daughter and I knew something was wrong because she never calls mid morning.

There was an incident on the bus.

Here's what happened.
He was in first grade and took the bus to school every day. They had assigned seats.

On this day his regular seat mate told him he had a gun in his school bag. 

My grandson at some point excused himself and reported this to the bus driver who called ahead to the school. They had communicated to the bus driver not to take any action and to bring the kids in as if nothing was wrong. And that's what she did.

By the time the bus arrived at the school, the authorities, the school principle, the school guidance counselor, school psychologist were waiting. All of the other kids were removed from the bus and the child with the supposed gun's bag was searched and thank goodness there was no gun in his bag.

The school counselor questioned him (my grandson's seatmate) and he confessed that he indeed did tell my grandson he had a gun in his bag even though he didn't. I'm not sure if they ever did find an adequate explanation for this.

By now things had calmed down somewhat and the parents had arrived at the scene which had moved inside the school building.

The young boy turned to my grandson Adam and voiced his displeasure for "telling" on him.

What was interesting was my grandsons response which was so strong for someone so young.

He said, " last year the DARE officer that came to our classroom told us that if anyone ever told us they had a gun to tell a grown up remember?""And that's what I did because it was what he said cause someone might get hurt by a gun, remember?"

The little boy responded. " I'm still mad at you; you got me in trouble."

Then my grandson turned to his friend and said. " Well then you better get over it by lunch and meet me on the playground  at recess to play?" "OK?"

Boy's response. "Ohh K see you later."

Let me just say that it is my opinion that in today's society many adult's take the I don't want to get involved attitude.' I also think that many children today 'are afraid to tell' for fear of reprisals from their peers. I learned something from my grandson, he's a good kid who did the right thing. The right thing as we know isn't always the easy thing.

Sometimes it just takes courage to do it.


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  1. Seriously proud of your grandson!
    Even though there was no gun, there might have been and he saved himself and loads of kids. Kudos!

    1. He's got a good head on his shoulders!
      Thanks Naila!

  2. Congratulations to your grandson! That's courage with a capital C!

  3. What an incredibly courageous young man. I hope I would have the courage to act in the same way if I were in a similar situation.

  4. Amen! I work hard to convince my middle school students that there is a time and a place for "telling on" someone. There is a code that says it is the wrong thing to do to a peer but , more and more, kids are getting that the greater good requires telling sometimes. Good for your grandson!

  5. Your grandson is really something. Great head on his shoulders. It is often hard to do the right thing but he did. I admire his courage.

    Came by from Tales of the Reborn Crafter

  6. This is a wonderful story, and I'm so glad there was no actual gun. I shudder to think about it.

  7. What a great story Jen and he even had the courage to stand up to his friend and still be friends with him.The lovely thing is that story will never leave your family.
    Is Anyone There

  8. You must be so very proud of your grandson. He showed presence of mind and consideration for others including the perpetrator.

  9. That is adorable. Way to go. He was protecting all of the kids and doing what he was told to do...even if it was a mistake.
    I'm glad that he had the courage to speak up.

  10. He's my little man. Who happens to be bigger than me now!

  11. What an amazing story Jen. Adam showed courage and very good sense.

  12. With all the bullying and stigma about being a tattle tale, Adam was very brave to speak up.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  13. Oh my gosh...so sweet and brave and SMART is your grandson. I would be so very proud too. Courage is ALWAYS hard. If doing the right thing was easy, we wouldn't need courage. Hugs to your sweet boy!

  14. Your grandson has good genes :). Adults turn away all the time. Then something happens & everyone says: SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING. Yeah, maybe you(or I)am that someone, not someone ELSE.

    I do think courage emanates from you. You live very much in awareness that life is fragile.~Mary

  15. Jen, this is truly a great story to hear. Your grandson is indeed a brave boy to have done this. So many wouldn't have done so. You must be proud of him!

  16. This is a wonderful story and something a lot of adult people should try to learn from.

    1. I think it our great human failure when we as adults decide not to get involved-turn our heads.

  17. It does take a lot of guts for someone to stand against their peers especially at this young age.

    I've never chosen not to get involved in situations but, I HAVE used the wisdom of a sound mind and care when doing so. In the adult world the repercussions can be dangerous for not only you, but family.

    In our family, courage is defined, in part, with the thought of doing the right thing regardless of no one seeing or knowing.

  18. What an awesome story. Your grandson handled that situation perfectly in every way. It shows you how important it is for us as adults to talk to our kids about what to do in certain situations. They listen!

  19. what a story! wow. my kids have posed that question to us, and asked what they should do, and we told them they should do what your grandson did. I am going to tell them this story. and how childlike, not childish, to stay friends and meet at the playground...why we are called to be like children. enjoyed this post!!

  20. This could also be under "H" for hero, because that's what your grandson is. I love this story, and you should be proud of having such a wise and thoughtful grandson. He also has an exceptional capacity for forgiveness, as he still offered to play with the boy at recess. Your grandson will go far.



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