April 26, 2013

A-Z 2013 the letter W

We can't live without it. We drink it. We cook with it. We wash and clean with it and in it.

But sometimes we forget just how destructive water can be when nature unleashes its power in full force.

It exists in nature is a liquid, a solid and a gas and my family can attest to the damage it can do in its liquid form.

My "W" word is water.

My family owns a beach house on Long Island, New York in Long Beach which is located on the south shore. As you might recall not to long ago hurricane Sandy devastated this community as it did to many others.

When I wax nostalgic about my childhood at the beach this is the place I'm talking about and this house that I'm referring to. This post is about "that house" and "the beach" of my childhood. Currently co-owned by my mother and aunt, they have been thru some trying times since hurricane Sandy. 

Frankly the house was wrecked by water damage.

The water from the ocean (which is just down the block) was at least four feet deep in the down stairs apartment of their house.

My cousin Howie (my aunt's son) and his friends have diligently been rebuilding our parents house.  Once salt water gets into a home it has to be gutted and redone from the bare bones.

Once the water was receded. And the mold was disposed of the work began. It is an huge task! Here's a few pictures and a very brief video of what's been done.

a view of two of the bedrooms from living area


almost completed bath

This is a video of the main area of the down stairs of the house. In this video the floors and lighting have been installed as well as the walls. It's coming together beautifully! It's still a construction zone though!

You will get a glimpse of my cousin (well maybe his arm!) who by the way is an angel. He just retired from his 30+  year career only to take on this project with the help of his friends. They are with the exception of an occasional paid contractor donating their time.

Talk about generous and loving family and friends!

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  1. We currently live near the Jersey shore. I also have childhood memories of summers spent there.
    The damage caused by Sandy is truly heartbreaking. But the will and determination of the people in these communities to rebuild is inspiring.
    I'm sure it is wonderful to know that your mom and aunt will soon be home once again.

  2. Ugh! I'm so sorry to hear about Sandy's damage on your beach house. Water damage is so frustrating. I've been in a flood and know the feeling!! Happy A-to-Z 2013! ~Angela, Whole Foods Living, http://www.wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/

  3. Sandy was a horror. I grew up in Middle Village and my relatives still live on LI. This was so horrible. I now live in upstate NY and we had to deal with Irene last year. Its going to be great when its done.

    Came by from Tales of the Reborn Crafter


  4. Lyndagrace, Inspiring really is the word!

    Angela, frustrating and devastating. when we were kids we never took hurricanes seriously!

    MaryAnne, Couldn't agree with you more.The rebuilding seems endless.

  5. What a disaster your family had, it is wonderful your cousin is so handy.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  6. What a GREAT Job you have done - I love your attitude -
    Sounds as if you could handle anything, if you had to . . .
    I hope this is something you NEVER need to face again . . .

    Happy A to Z!

  7. People are kind and generous especially family. So glad to see it is nearly finished.

  8. So sorry to hear. Folks are generous indeed. Looks like it is going to be a wonderful place to visit very soon.
    Ah, a house on the beach ... how wonderfully inspiring it must be to sit out there and look out into the water.

  9. Looks like there is good progress being made! Yay!

    1. Katie, Yes my cousin is very handy!

      G, We are so far removed really, my aunt and cousin have really done all the work. we live so far away.

      Sally, It is the spirit of the whole city.

      Silvia, I try to go there every time I visit NY Silvia.

      Ms A, Yay is right. It's remarkable how great they've done.

  10. That must have been really hard for you all, seeing the devastation Sandy caused. I can't imagine. I'm glad you seem to be getting the house back in order, ready for more memories sat by the beach. :)

    1. Rowena, Especially hard on mom and my aunt who are elderly.

      Julie, I was a terrible difficult job. Thank goodness the upstairs didn't get water damage too!

      Kristen, And to think we used to have parties when there were hurricanes, we never took them seriously! never again!

      Jennifer, You said is sista!

  11. I wasn't able to see the video, but the fact that they had to start from the ground up is pretty daunting. It's so nice that your cousin has been such a huge help. I hope that your mom and aunt's house is completely restored soon. They are definitely off to a great start!


  12. I'm so sorry to hear about this! It's amazing how water can do so much damage, yet we can't live without it.

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com

  13. It's amazing how we can't live with water, yet it can also be so destructive!

  14. I'm so glad that your cousin has been able to do such a great restoration job! My sister's husband lost his childhood home to Katrina and it was quite devistating to him even though he had been away from home for thirty years or so. I'm glad you have some wonderful memories of the home and will still be able to spend time there.

    1. He's such a great guy my cousin. And i think as nice as I'd like to think we are we're a tough bunch. I think if we lost the house I might be really sad about it but that it's not lost makes it ok!

  15. Hi Jen .. sounds like you were very lucky with your help - incredibly lucky to have such wonderful relatives letting you have a house back that's practically as was .... I would think you were lucky to be a block back - the ones on the beach I guess were in a much worse state ..

    Water can have many attributes ... glad all seems to be getting better though ... cheers Hilary

    1. They're angels Hilary. I believe when it's done it will be better than before!


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