August 29, 2011

the bane of my summer is back..uhhh!

Due to our whole hurricane situation I cancelled my leg wound appointment today.The past few weeks my wound has been at a stand still, not much healing going on so my doctor took a culture. Then this week it started to get smaller again so I was comfortable skipping.

Frankly I didn't want to waste the gas when we might need it for the generator  and drive 35 miles each way for a wound smaller than a pencil eraser with no depth at all. My wound didn't start out that way, it was more like the size of a plum or a small peach and down to the muscle back in April.

I have endured therapies that were pretty uncomfortable and pretty yucky since I couldn't shower when undergoing them. But I healed really well; then they found the MRSA and they did some more-therapies that is.

I did my hospital stay like a trooper, learned how to do my own antibiotic infusions and it was my understanding that several weeks on those powerful antibiotics would make me good as new. After all my MRSA was only in my wound and not in my blood. It should have kicked this infections ass, or so I'd been led to believe; NOT!

They called me today, my MRSA is back, but they found it in my surface skin cells that he tested me last week.

MRSA is the bane of my summer; bitch!


  1. You are so kick ass! That MRSA better watch out- it's got nothing on you!

    {Still sending you so many good thoughts and hope that you're comfortable. Not that you need that at all, my STRONG, FIERCE friend!}

  2. You are such a love Galit. You make me smile every time I read the words you write and that includes this comment!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending prayers. xo

  4. Just lovin the prayers Shell! Thanks friend.

  5. sending prayers, and glad to know to be praying for you. this is my first visit to your blog.. glad you linked up today!

  6. Thanks Jenna,

    This has been a surprisingly difficult infection to beat, so your prayers are especially welcome and appreciated.

    I'd love if you'd come back and visit again :)


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