August 23, 2011

it was my first earthquake

Sitting in my usual position on the couch, laptop perched on my lap.

Cat curled at my side.

The glasses in the china closet started to rattle, my feet feel the rumble from below.

My cat panics, jumps to the floor and it shutters beneath his paws.

My house ebbs and it flow, my house sways and rocks like a train on its tracks.

As I gaze around the room the picture frames fall, the chandelier sways.

Then I wonder if its an uneven load in the washer; sorry Maytag!

My stomach clenches and I worry for a little minute if something bad happened; maybe terrorist or nuclear.

Then after twenty very long seconds when it has stopped I begin to think.

And then I knew.

It was scary and exciting.

Did I forget to mention I'm grateful I don't live on the west coast?

I had just experienced what was my very first earthquake.


  1. Jen

    We felt it all they way down here in SC

    Jim Dorchak

  2. I'm so glad that you're safe. Here in our Canadian neck of the woods (which is way far from where this actually happened) we felt it too. Well just the tremor part of it.

  3. Wasn't it creepy? I can't imagine living with something like that happening all the time!

  4. Kimberly & Megan,
    I never moved from the couch to tell you the truth I was pretty shocked at the whole thing, who would have thunk it!

    My mom whose in her 8o's said she wouldn't move either she was figured she take her chances sitting at the kitchen table, she said that or she would have ended on her ass on the kitchen floor!


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