August 1, 2011

It is an un-natural attachment I know!

I spent spent a good bit of my morning on the phone with Danial the HP guy. It seems the CPU in my new Notebook died some time during the night. I am grieved beyond words; well I do have enough words for a short post!

This laptop is brand spanking new for crying out loud!! Now my sorry ass is sitting in front of my husbands desk top typing this post! I hate his computer, it quite frankly feels weird to me, rather like sleeping in a strange bed or using someone else's bathroom to do #2.

Now I send my red almost new notebook off to the HP repair people off in the sky; for free! Yippee for the warranty and they'll fix her up (in a lot longer than) no time. But a big boohoo for me that I don't have my laptop and a big BOO and a HISS for HP that my laptop failed after only three months. This is not good!

A few things strike me about this whole thing:

1. They just don't make things the way they used to do they?

2. They send you confirmation e-mails when your computer dies asking you to confirm the serial # and other information. How do you receive them if you computer's broken? They didn't ask me if I had a spare!

3. Nothing is quick anymore, it may take three weeks for my computer to be returned, heck it didn't take that long to build the darn thing!

4. There's always that little "and if" and if we find your brother's wife's niece spilled a drink on your laptop then we'll bill you all the charges. The back door is always open isn't it?

5. Those numbers I mentioned in (2) they're hidden in the battery compartment, and you need the Hubble telescope to read them they're so small, I don't work for NASA.

Am I the only one that finds this whole thing just plain dumb?


  1. You gotta switch over to a Mac!!!!!! I heard a friend of mine go through this same thing with her netbook for months before she finally gave in. Totally frustrating - I hope they fix it soon!

  2. I hear many people swear by them and here I'm stuck swearing at mine- go figure.

    Makes your advice worth thinking about!

    Thanks Kid Id.


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