August 28, 2011

images of hurricane Irene

Large amounts of wind and rain enveloped our bit of the world yesterday. It didn't take long for our electric to go out and it will probably be many many days before my power is restored.

We are fine however since we have a generator, but the comforts of home just got and are going to get a bit less comfortable. It's going to be 90 degree's today and we can't run our AC since out generator isn't quite powerful enough!

That is not to say that I am complaining really! I know there are people who lost their lives yesterday; three in fact right here in our very own Commonwealth of Virginia. And many who lost their homes to fallen trees and rain or floods and I certainly don't mean to make light of their tragedies.

For today however our neck of the woods is just a bit greener even where it shouldn't be green since along with the rain and the wind the leaves blew like crazy all day yesterday!

Did you get hit by any of it or were you out of the storm zone? And if you did get the storm, how's things by you?

update  The county government just called (1:30 pm) to advise us that 85% of the county residents are without power and it wasn't likely the power would be restored for 5-7 days. Oh happy day!


  1. The pictures don't show a pretty picture. Glad that you're all safe. stay safe, hope this ends soon! Just don't feel like reading the news's all the same stuff everywhere :(

  2. Shades of Grey,
    The news is terribly negative and sad lately,I agree. For us it's just mostly inconvenience with this particular storm.

  3. We sat in a hurricane when we traveled to Mexico and it was terrifing.
    I'm glad that you are a ok!

  4. Glad you are okay!

    Our power is back, but most of our county is still without.

  5. Thanks Kimberly it's been an exciting couple of weeks at my house!

  6. Shell,
    Lucky girl! Glad you're ok too. So frustrating;
    now we begin the struggle to find gas to run our generator.


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