August 11, 2011

i'm finished stalking my husband

I've gotten my laptop back from HP. They fixed whatever was wrong with her and didn't ruin any of my memory which was a plus. It seems that my entire life is on this computer and saving, well most days; sadly, I forget. All I had to do was to change my password and I was back in business. Someone loves me!

My husband is a happy man since for the past week I have been literally stalking him at his desk for computer time. The minute he gets up I jump into his desk chair to check my e-mail and blog. Talk about being attached to my computer! But it got me to thinking just how attached.....

I know I don't like to leave my house without my cell phone, it's one of those smart phones thingies. Can't you hear my hubby howl every time he gets the bill? I got one for me and my son Matthew a year ago last Christmas. It was the family plan so it saved money; yeah right!

Years ago I didn't think twice leaving and not being in touch with the house for hours on end.  Now I'll literally turn back and get my phone rather then be without it. I can't say honestly whether this has anything to do with the accident but I just don't feel safe without a phone. I'm attached!

When I get up in the morning usually my husband is up already and has made coffee. He'll greet me with a hug, hand me my coffee, then I turn on the TV to Imus on Fox News Business and flip open my laptop and he goes to his desk top in the den; that's what we do! We're attached!

Many of my family and friends live in other states so this laptop is a way of communication for me.  My children and my Mom are here and fairly local but we still use our computers and cells for communication. And my blog? I love my blog, its an outlet for me and its fun to meet other people, male and female and our relationship however limited are rewarding and gratifying to me.

I read an interesting article today saying that the Catholic Church (I'm a Catholic) in Ireland has come out with a report saying that the fastest growing cause of marital difficulty in Ireland in the year 2010 was internet misuse. You can read it for yourself here if you'd like the

Does your computer time and your blog friends interfere with your home life? I spend a good amount of time on my laptop each day and I know my husband worries about my safety. He was a cop that's what he does. But other than that it hasn't been a concern between us.

How about you, attached?

Rather cuddle up with you laptop than your significant other?

Feel naked without you cell phone?

Have you had a tiff about your computer time?

I'd love to hear how your blog life has affected your home life.


  1. See I started to feel that my computer use was putting a wrench in I decided to step back a bit and re-evaluate. Turns out I kind of like not being tethered to deadlines and reading and yadda yadda.


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