August 25, 2011

Yippee you cancelled my homeowners

I hate loose ends. I guess it's part of my personality. When things are unfinished or left up in the air it makes me want to scream! Well maybe that's a bit dramatic truth be told it does make me uncomfortable.

So today when I opened an envelope from my insurance agent who covers my second home in Florida only to find out at the end of the policy in Feb. 2012 he is canceling the home owners, my first thought was to find another policy right away. State Farm is getting outta dodge (Florida) or that's the rumor. So they cancelled us - reason because we don't reside in our home full time. O.K it's a second home, we can't exactly do a Solomon and split ourselves in half can we? And they've been covering us for years, it sounds like a load of shit to me that is their excuse for canceling us that is. The timing as the first hurricane bears down on the east coast doesn't go without notice to me or my husband. It's not going to hit Florida but it still makes me wonder!

So now comes to the part of me leaving things unfinished, not gonna happen so I jumped right on my laptop and did a search for insurance. So I popped in the address; twenty minutes later we got a call from the nicest guy representing an insurance company. Since we're twenty minutes from the beach and haven't ever made a claim, he wrote a policy for the house. E-mailed it for our approval and we'll finalize it on Monday.

You want to hear something funny? Turns out all things included it costs half of what we were paying with State Farm. Isn't that that our good luck? Not that I've ever had much but hey whose complaining. Insurance laws require that State Farm refund any payment they've received in advance and  I've payed for the year.  As soon as I get my new policy in my hand I will cancel theirs a.s.a.p then the refunded amount basically pays for the new policy. Not bad huh?


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