August 16, 2011



It's a change we're never prepared for, one that is so difficult to adjust. It can invade your dreams but helps us process grief while sleeping. When my kids died I had difficulty with change; who wouldn't right? 

I decided to use this prompt to share one of my what I call         "change dreams."

My panic rises when I realize I'm alone. The street is dark and the weather snowy.

There is somewhere I need to be but I don't know where; my hearts beating loudly.

I feel a heaviness; a weight on me, Is is a backpack or is it a burden, I don't know for sure?

My body moves forward, the need is overwhelming;  as I push against the wind the snow pelts against my face stinging my skin until it is numb.

Every step takes every bit of energy I have in my body.

Tears mixed with snow covers my face; I brush them away then dip my head into the wind and push on with purpose.

My muscles screamed out with each motion my body heavy, exhausted but I HAVE to move forward.

I'm blinded in this storm, where am I going?


  1. Dreams can be so telling....when they're not confusing! But, I cannot imagine loosing my children. That certainly is a drastic change that is impossible to prepare for.

  2. I can't imagine the grief process over losing your children; I can't even pretend to imagine it, because it is too scary to even think about.

    Thank you for sharing this. I think it makes sense that your dreams would be filled with weight and a confusion about purpose after a loss like two of your children.


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