August 7, 2011

cuff em kiddo's

My son and daughter and son are in the same profession, I rather not say exactly what  they do specifically, but I will say their jobs are in the law enforcement field. One works for federal government  the other one for the state government. They are darn good at what they do too I might add! I watch them both using their educations, their people skills and their training to progress in their careers with skill.

Hey, I'm a Mom so I'm supposed to think the sun shines out of my kids butts but I think there's something to be learned here, really I do.

There are several things that strike me about them both,  admirable qualities that work for them in the work place that make them successful. .If you don't have respect for authority then you cannot be successful in a position of authority. Power trips are the easiest path to the downfall of a career in their field.  They have compassion and respect in a profession when it is easy to become jaded.  And they have pride in their work, even when doing  the most common tasks. Most importantly work stays at work when ever humanly possible, bringing it home is sometimes unavoidable but it's a good idea to keep the felons and other criminals where they belong.

I am in awe of them, I really am!

Do you like your work, any tricks in your trade? Do you frequently take you work frustrations home with you?  Or is work just a paycheck for you?

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