August 14, 2011

my crappy neighbor

We own a house in Florida that we don't live in and use infrequently. With the economy as it is and the housing market in the toilet I would venture a guess that my second home is worth about two cents right now. My husband has some rather strong feelings about being absentee landlords so we use it when we can. Lately however our time has been taken up with family time and health concerns so our trips have been far and few between.

Anyway because we live in Virginia, we had an agreement with the neighbor he would check on the house and mow the grass for a fee, plus we gave them our riding mower as part of the agreement. This all went perfectly well until the neighbor got a job outside the country and passed the job to his stepson. He is in his late twenties so we didn't anticipate any problems as far as whether he's be of a responsible age.

At first things seemed to be OK, it turns out however he was misusing the key we gave him in case of emergencies. One of the other neighbors called one weekend night several months ago saying there was a rather noisy party going on in my house. You see he has this pack of male friends, I've often wondered what in the world they do since they are around at all times of  the day and night. I don't think they work with any regularity or go to college for that matter. So I wasn't shocked after the police arrived at our request to hear that several people were arrested for illegal possession of who knows what and they along with our not so trustworthy neighbor were all taken out of our house in handcuffs.

My husband and my son Matthew changed the locks and I was happy about that. But for me I felt so betrayed. It bothered me that all those strange people were in my house touching my stuff. It bothered me that he betrayed my trust when I thought he was worthy of it. It bothered me that he didn't care that it was our space-our home when he was free to have parties in his parents house right next door.

My neighbor just called again today, it seems he's a little slow in the head he and his friends parked a moving truck in my driveway. I'm not sure what part of don't come on my property he doesn't understand but one of the men from down the block confronted him about being on the property and he and his friends moved.

There is still no beach for me because of my leg but it's time for me and my husband to hit the Florida sunshine and make our presence known to our crappy neighbor. My leg is just good enough to give him a swift kick in the rear end. So Monday after my wound doctor appointment appointment we'll be off for a few days to see what's going on. Then we can pay a nice visit and have a cold one with the good neighbors; yes we actually do have a few!

I have really good neighbors in the town where I live and I have a hard time imagining what it would be like having to live with bad neighbors all the time, it must be horrible. This guy down in Florida really bugs me to no end. Have you ever had a crappy neighbor or been betrayed by one?


  1. Oh girl, what a pain! I am fortunate to have nice neighbors, and I can't imagine it any other way. Hope the leg heals soon!

  2. Claire, The leg's almost healed, doc says maybe two more weeks. Yippee! Now this neighbors gonna be my new pain! Oh brother!

  3. Oh, that is horrible!

    My neighbors are just sort of there- I don't know any of them- but none of them are annoying, either.

  4. Well Jen, we have some wonderful neighbors and some not so wonderful. But I hope things work out for you. Yeah for your leg!

  5. I am honestly going to jump in the water then rub it in the sand I am so excited about this leg. We are a good four to six weeks ahead of schedule according to the doctor. Even the neighbor from hell can't rain on my parade! Nor can he cats that broke into my garage!Yuck!

  6. What an ass. I hope your leg holds up so you can kick him where he deserves it.

  7. That about sums up my neighbor fantasy for the week Jessica!


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