August 20, 2011

live and learn - my crazy neighbors part two

My husband and I with a great deal of trepidation decided to go to Florida to deal with our second home there. If you missed the reason why we went down you need to read  my crappy neighbor.  I pray the market will turn around soon so I can sell it but I'm not hopeful, really I'm not. Our intention was for it to be a get away home but with the neighbors we have on one side are SO terrible; we really dread being there; sad huh?

We rather suspect but we can't prove that the son who we had removed in handcuffs from our home having parties misusing our key kicked in a few of the bottom panels of our aging garage door. Their cats (his family happens to have many many cats) that they feed  but do not claim as theirs; were living in our garage, nice right?

You would think we did something to them for goodness sake's, they wouldn't even look at us if they came out of their house. I don't know maybe it's just me. If I do something wrong and got caught red handed by the police *hello* I'd apologize!  How hard can that be?

Now we're never going to talk to each other ever; is just juvenile and stupid?  For the love of Pete, say you're sorry and we'll say we accept your apology and then we'll move on. We're not ever going to be friends but for goodness sake's ignoring or feuding is just RIDICULOUS and pain in my ass!

My ass hurts!

It always surprises me when you think people are one way and they end up being totally different. Like from another planet!

Anyway we dealt with the issues at the house the best we could. Had a nice visit with a few of the other neighbors then decided to turn our trip into a mini vacation! Why the heck not I say!

Check back, I'm putting together a post and getting my photo's in order; my hubby and I spent a few days in St Augustine. Wow what a nice city!


  1. I hope that all goes well and that you're able to enjoy your time there. Kick some ass for me!

  2. Kimberly, Thanks lady.
    I always try to look at the bright side! And although no asses were kicked I did have a good time.

  3. You handled the situation very, very well. I am glad to hear that you turned the trip in to a vacay!


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