August 30, 2011

lights out

We still have no power here. We have heard from the county estimates anywhere between 5-7 days, my daughter works with someone who heard 14 days, crap I say! In the interest of conserving gasoline we usually turn the generator off about 9:30 p.m and then turn in. Kinda on the early side but we do what we have to do to get by.

Then I lay there stressing about things like the mounting pile of laundry and if we're going to have enough gas to last until they repair our lines. My husband and I are not old or anything but my Mom is in her mid 80's and I want her to be as comfortable as possible while she's here. She can't stay in her house because you guessed it; she's without power!

In the mean time we're trying to do what we can to keep comfortable. We keep rotating opening the windows depending on the location of the sun and the ceiling fans are very effective at keeping the house cool. We also have those really good windows with the blinds in between the window panes in every room. I don't know what I did my whole life before moving to the south, we NEVER had an air conditioner.

We're spoiled rotten I ashamed to say and times like this it makes me wonder what I'm really made of. What I really like about these times is the extra contact we have with our neighbors; calling and walking back and forth between our houses checking on each other; that makes me feel good more connected.

Anyway in order to do something I went out today and swept tons and tons of leaves off of our deck and the other porches now that everything is nice and dry. We've been lucky that the weather has been rather agreeable the past two days not much more that 82 or so degrees during the day so it's not at all difficult to manage.

Last night an awful hound dog barked and barked most of  the night and into the early morning hours, then one of my neighbors shot off a gun and it must have ran off. That, my friends is the down side of sleeping with the windows open.

Till next time....
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  1. Being without power sucks! Sending you electricity filled thoughts!!

  2. I a so sorry that you still have no power :( Ours finally came back on today around 3pm. I pray that yours will return soon.


  3. Thanks Sarcasm Goddess I'll take some air conditioner thoughts too!

  4. Terri,
    Glad to hear yours in back. I'm afraid we're not going to be so lucky down here.

  5. It's amazing what you realize that it's the simple things that matter. Hopefully the power comes back soon!!

  6. Thanks, Jen. We lost power on Sunday for about 13 hours. It wasn't too bad but we lost a lot of food. I was grateul when we did get power back!

  7. Jessica,
    Sorry about the food, that's a shame.

    We saved our food because of the generator and finally got our lights back last night.

    Total hours 104.

  8. What a sweet attitude you have in this trying time. We were without electric one year in an ice storm. Longest week of my life. And coldest! I pray things will be back to normal soon.


  9. Hi Jen, thanks for sharing this... It's eye-opening to hear a first person's account of the impact of the hurricane. I'm glad that you and your family are safe, and hope that life would return to normal soon.

    I agree with you, when we go through a certain hardship, it really makes us wonder what we're made of, doesn't it?

    Thanks for linking up at Thoughtful Thursday and posting our button! Am following you back :)

  10. We are thankfully back to normal Pamela. We moved Momma back next door and got her settled this very morning.

    There are still many however in our community who aren't quite as lucky.

  11. dosweatthesmallstuff,
    I'm enjoying Thoughtful Thursdays and appreciate the hosts blogs as well as the many other blogs I've read since I've joined in.

    Thanks for reading about my hurricane drama, it's over now thankfully.


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